“Zakharovtsy” – in the Bulgakov House

On a sunny spring day, April 27, at the MA Museum House. Bulgakov held a closed meeting, a briefing dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the 1999 release of the legendary workshop of the People’s Artist of the USSR, Professor M.A. Zakharova in the RATI (“GITIS”).

The place of the meeting was chosen not accidentally – the course with Mikhail Afanasievich had a time-tested relationship that began with a sensational drama performance of a workshop based on a novel “The Master and Margarita”. Production Sergei Aldonin after 50 successful shows in the GITIS and at various festivals was included in the repertoire of the Moscow Stanislavsky Theater and to this day collects sold out.

A decade of the same course is marked in connection with the fact that his graduates are finally going to create their own troupe, or rather “Workshop – Theater”. Back in 1999, they planned to organize their theater, but, as noted Aldonin, “God has carried”. Now, having gained some experience and having familiarized with the craft in practice, it is possible to think and about joint work. By the way, this legendary course, consisting of actors, directors, cultural figures known to date (Olesya Zheleznyak, Ekaterina Volkova, Fyokla Tolstaya, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Arina Marakulina, Pavel Derevyanko, Sergey Frolov, Sergey Aldonin, Andrei Sychev, Olga Galaktionova, Konstantin Bogdanov, Mikhail Pokrass, Natalya Bulyga and others), no one has ever tried to unite from the outside. On the contrary, the workshop teachers considered the course to be the most scandalous, and his graduates always stayed together and at the end of their studies did not lose sight of each other.

At the meeting with the press, almost everyone attended, except Dyuzhev, Derevyanko and Zheleznyak. Ekaterina Volkova was a little late, stuck in a traffic jam. There were also special guests – actors who joined the workshop in the process of its growth: Dmitry Isayev and Oksana Korostyshevskaya. Even came Mark Anatolievich, However, later it turned out that under the mask Zakharova hides another graduate course – actor Alexei Yudnikov.

With this improvisation the evening began. Basically, the ideological inspirer of the event told about the plans – the director Sergey Aldonin. He told about the plans of the workshop, highlighting several events. In May, on the stage of the theater in Malaya Bronnaya, a jubilee performance will be shown “The Master and Margarita” (he is in demand for 13 years!). And in autumn a festival is planned in which graduates will take part Mark Zakharov. In addition, master-classes are planned for all – both beginners and admirers – actors and directors. Teachers of the workshop and master of the stage will hold classes in plastic, dance, stage speech and other theatrical art.

Participants of the briefing also surrendered to memories of their student years, remembered funny and not very incidents, talked with love about their teachers and, it is understood, told about the changes that happened to them in ten years. Concerning the same events “Workshop – Theater” one of the actors admitted that he wants to study for advanced training and engage in art, and not make money. That is why everyone is looking forward to the master classes with interest.

At the end of this not-quite-ordinary conference, a half-joking-semi-serious short film about the studio, its actors, directors and teachers was shown, after which the participants were glad to get out into the open air – chat with each other (still not often see!) And pose for photographers.

And we can only wish good luck to the “Zakharovites” in their difficult undertaking!

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