Yegor Oparin: “If I had infinite powers, I would give them to music …”

Yegor Oparin: "If I had infinite powers, I would give them to music ..."Yegor Oparin

12-year-old Yegor Oparin – one of the youngest members of Grand Piano Competition, but, despite the age, behind the back of a young musician, the victories and prizes at many Russian and international music competitions.

Our conversation with him – about the atmosphere that reigns in the competition, the feeling of being in society and the love of his profession.

– How did you learn about the Grand Piano Competition and why decided to participate in it? Was this your personal initiative or the desire of an educator, parents?

– Last year Sasha Malofeev won this competition – we learn from one teacher, Elena Vladimirovna Berezkin. Then I also wanted to participate in the Grand Piano Competition, but did not pass. And immediately decided that the next time I will try to participate.

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My teacher and I were preparing for a long time, and I went to the contest, which I did not regret at all. At the Grand Piano Competition such a good atmosphere; The opportunities that are provided to us are the same as for professional pianists.

For example, we all perform at such famous venues as the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky and the Great Hall of the Conservatory, and with such a famous collective, as Svetlanov’s State Sister.

– Tell me more about the atmosphere. Is it different from what can be found in other competitions?

– The atmosphere is very warm and friendly, which is very different from what you feel at many other competitions. At the Grand Piano Competition your competitors are your comrades. They are not even exactly your rivals, because there are no losers in this contest.

– Do you have friends who are not connected with music? It happens that you feel in society “white crow”?

– It was earlier, when I studied at the secondary school. In 2017, I moved to the Gnesin 10-year-old, and there are all the musicians around me. I feel part of a large community where everyone has the same goals and interests, where everyone speaks as if in one language …

Basically I communicate with people connected with music. For me, this circle of communication is much more interesting.

– How much time do you spend on music? Does it happen that employment is difficult? Or are you ready to devote all your time to your profession?

“I really enjoy making music, and I’m ready to dedicate all my time to this cause.” For example, now, when I am intensively preparing for the contest, I spend eight hours a day on the instrument. In usual time I give lessons five to six hours.

Of course, like any person, by the evening I’m tired and I want to devote time to rest, but … If I had infinite powers, I would give them all to music.

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Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

– Who is cheering for you at the Grand Piano Competition? Do you support these people?

– My support, in addition to my parents and a teacher, my friends, classmates. With me here, for example, my friend Fedya Orlov – we are engaged in his specialty in one class. Their support helps me a lot.

– What are your expectations from the competition?

– To become a prize-winner is, of course, good. But the fact that you hit the Grand Piano Competition, a very big step. And participation is a victory over oneself!


Yegor Oparin was born in 2005, is engaged in music since 6 years, the student of MSSMSH named Gnesins (class of Elena Berezkin).

Winner of the Musica Classica competitions in Ruse (2014), Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte in Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic, 2015), Moscow regional competition “Concert for piano and orchestra” in Dubna (2015).

The winner of the Grand Prix of the Musical Art Competition (2014) and the II International Competition of Young Performers “Dedication to Prokofiev” (2016).

Participant of the First International Festival “Musical Dialogue between Moscow and Vienna”, the anniversary concert of Yamaha Gala, the festival “Moscow meets friends” (2017).

He performed with the orchestra “Gnesin Virtuosi” and the Russian National Orchestra.

The owner of the Gold Medal of the XVI Russian Delphic Games and the Silver Medal of the XII International Delphic Games of the CIS countries (2017). Laureate of the II prize of the Astana Piano Passion (2015), XIII International Children’s Rotary Competition (2015), Moscow Festival of Arts “Under the Sign of the Sun” for the 125th anniversary of Prokofiev (2016).

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Interviewed by Severyan Tsagareishvili

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