works of Van Gogh in decorations

works of Van Gogh in decorations

Enamel compositions based on famous artwork make Frey Wille decorations special objects of jewelry art

In one of the galleries of the capital’s GUM an exhibition “Van Gogh by Frey Wille brush” was held. The famous Austrian jewelry brand demonstrated in its framework a fundamentally new collection of Hommage to Vincent jewelry Van Gogh, who arrived straight from the studio in Vienna and appeared in the exposition as art objects.

But the most interesting thing in this small exhibition was that its visitors were offered to get acquainted and the process of creating jewelry: on a special digital screen, pages of which could be flipped like a book, every curious could see the work of Frey Wille artists. From choosing a source of inspiration – a bright motif from a particular painting by Van Gogh, decorating it in an ornament and transferring it to decoration …

In the footsteps of this exhibition “How to spend” decided to recall the history of Frey Wille, in which the jewelry component is closely intertwined with the artistic one.

The appearance of the jewelry brand Frey Wille is due to the Austrian artist Mikael Fry – in 1951 she began to decorate the enamel by hand from gold. True, the folklore and urban motifs used by her, intertwined with the elements of the Modern, were then far from the current colorful style of Frey Wille and were too geometric and cold.

In 1972, Dr. Michael Friedrich Ville, a great connoisseur of art history, became a business partner of Mikaela. Together they began to intensively develop the potential of the brand, but the sudden departure of Fry from life in 1980 nearly brought an end to this story.

However, Ville decided not to surrender to the circumstances: he organized a design studio under the brand and invited graduates of the Vienna Academy of Arts. And he set the task for them: to create a special kind of jewelry, based on the traditions and images of world art.

works of Van Gogh in decorations

Among the employed artists was Simone Gr├╝nberger. And it was in her that Ville saw a special talent and a bright personality, capable of leading the team in the given direction. So Simona became the art director of the brand (and it remains to this day), and after a while – and wife Ville: it turned out that the commonality of their worldviews and tastes goes beyond creativity.

The brand, renamed Frey Wille, actually became a family affair, and decorations acquired their present appearance. It is based on the technique of applying burned enamel, which includes minerals and glass, allowing the flowers to maintain a unique brightness.

The first creations of the renewed brand in the mid-1980s were the collections “Avant-garde” and “Tropiki”. One was inspired by the geometric lines of this style, the other was guided by the catchy fashion of that era. In the 90’s, Dr. Ville developed a clearer concept of the brand, and from that moment the artists of Frey Wille focused on creating historical collections.

So first there was a collection of “Egypt”, and then – “Greco-Roman”. And then there was the series “Dedication” – a constantly updated collection, each new chapter in which paid tribute to great artists and was named in their honor: “Gustav Klimt”, “Claude Monet” “Alphonse Mucha”, “Friedensreich Hundertwasser”, “Egon Schiele “, And now” Van Gogh “was added to them.

works of Van Gogh in decorations

The design of most modern collections Frey Wille – Ode to Joy of Life, Floral Symphony, Magic Sphinx – combines the unchanging bright coloristic principle and geometric compositions with the echoes of the avant-garde of the beginning of the XX century or the Art Deco style. These ornaments are graceful, throws and positive. It was these qualities that made the experts and fans of Frey Wille talk about the hedonic component of the brand’s products.

However, do not forget about its jewelry component: in addition to the precious enamel itself, the firing technique of which has not changed in 100 years and is just as complicated, the effect of the 18-karat gold jewelery compositions of Frey Wille has recently been amplified by a scattering of diamonds that act like this shining “frame” and make each thing even more valuable.

Dr. Wille and his team do not object at all to such perception of their jewelry art: “Our jewelry pleases the eye and creates a mood, they can easily be included in the list of things that allow us to appreciate life in every manifestation and enjoy what we have,” – convinced Ville. And this, probably, is the true purpose of the jewelry of Frey Wille.

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