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Word of the editorNina Nechaeva

Mariana Polteva has not been removed for a quarter of a century, and the audience still remembers her. Dedicate poetry on the acting sites: “A girl named Mariana, piercing my soul, that needle, butterfly fluttered around the screen and disappeared … Wings burned? ..”

I also really liked the red-haired, freckled and such a playful girl – to “start over”, where she played with Andrei Makarevich, to “touch” and especially in “Hen”, where it does not get lost in the brilliant divertissement stars – Natalia Gundarevoj and Svetlana Kryuchkovoy, Alexander Pashutin and Mikhail Danilov, Valery Nosik and Alexander Ilyin. It was very unfortunate when Poltava suddenly disappeared from the screens. What with her? Maybe it’s true, “wings burned”? Something extraordinary must have happened that the actress, who by the age of twenty-seven played in two dozen notable films and almost everywhere-the main roles, suddenly left the cinema.

We found Maryana in Berlin, where she spent all this time. And it turned out that something really serious had happened to her, turning the destiny aside from the planned and so successful rut.

Everyone has the right to dispose of his life, but I am personally very sorry that we have lost this actress. After a long break, it’s difficult to return to the set, although Mariana did not quit her profession-she staged amateur performances in Germany, so the training was, and I’m sure: she will cope. Polteva has a lot of friends in the film community (Philip Jankowski is primarily about you!), And I want to ask for her: return us a wonderful actress, in our cinema there is clearly not enough of this red, positive sun!

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