Without a broom, but with beautiful granddaughters: what did Baba Yaga do in Dubai?

World Art Dubai is an art exhibition where artists from all over the world represent their works. The Russian sculptor Irina Lagoshina made the main character of her work – Babu Yaga.

For the first time Lagoshina presented her at the exhibition of contemporary art within the framework of the Miami Art Week in December 2017. The sculpture was so popular with local residents that it was left there as an embankment decoration in one of the prestigious districts. And again the Russian Baba Yaga with her twin granddaughters Katya and the Volga King went to conquer the world, filling it with good and cultural values. This time they presented an art project at an international exhibition in Dubai.

The fairy-tale heroine made no less furor and arranged a whole idea, concentrating on herself all the attention of the guests of the Dubai event. The sculpture came to life, and the real Yaga walked around the exhibition about her granddaughters. They came to support Irina, who created the work of art: an elegant bench decorated with a “runicle” – an ancient letter used by our ancestors thousands of years ago, and on the stool there is a guard of the hearth and secret knowledge carved from stone.

The real Baba Yaga could not miss this event. She flew not without gifts: for participation in a sociological survey, her granddaughters Katya and Volga were given “media-shirts”. In the unique print of this T-shirt is built a simple, but elegant technological solution. With the help of the application “Galamagia” each participant was able to take with him a piece of the art project. And in the meantime, undoubtedly, the brightest heroes and favorites of the audience were the artists who presented at the exhibition an association of Slavic cultures and traditions.

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