Why Medvedev’s leaving Tutberidze

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Why Medvedev's leaving Tutberidze

Silver medalist Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva can change sports citizenship after the transition from coach Eteri Tutberidze to canadian expert Brian Orser.

This is the Agency “All sport”.

It is noted that Medvedev will play for the national team of Armenia, to extend its participation in official competitions.

The standard period of quarantine for the change of sport is the nationality of the Olympic Games three years. Medvedeva at this date – February 23, 2018, when she performed the long program at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Thus, it will be able to start in the world Championships 2020, which will be held on 16-22 March in Montreal (Canada). Grand Prix below. But it can not be excluded that the international skating Union, with the help of the agreement of the Federation of figure skating of Russia.

In addition, skater training with Orser in June will move to Canada.

Earlier it was reported that the mother of Medvedeva refused to comment on the breakup daughter with Tutberidze.


For the first time about a possible breakup, Medvedeva and Tutberidze began in early March, immediately after the Olympics in Pyeongchang. The aforementioned that the skater can change sports citizenship and begin to play for another country. Then Tutberidze, and Medvedev immediately denied it.

"The news I saw on the Internet, brought me to a screeching halt. Do not invent what is not. Get busy! Leave me and my coach. We continue to work!"- said the athlete through the official website of the Federation of figure skating of Russia.

However, two months later, the saying about smoke and fire, it was understood that Medvedev is really leaving Tutberidze.

It is clear that such significant events can not be somebody’s reason, they are a complex, tangled web where there is no right or wrong.

Tutberidze – the most successful Russian coach of the last years in figure skating, to enter the group to which the dream of all the talented juniors. Selection rules and there is fierce, but Eteri Georgievna and her team put all the strength in everyone with whom you work. See if there is someone, desire and character, that will try to bring to the top. This has happened with Yulia Lipnitskaya, then up the star Medvedeva, then appeared Aline Sagitova, and the approach is new galaxy – Alexander Trusov, Anna Shcherbakova. And Tutberidze, as a creative person and a great expert, can not engage in them enthusiastically.

It’s silly to complain, but it’s like Medvedeva is two-time world champion and current superstar – I would like more attention. Especially in a situation when she suffered a very nasty injury and in fact, will be forced now to start over.

And it will have to do in the new environment. In may, the ISU must approve changes in the rules will seriously impact on the image of figure skating. Parts lot – there is a reduction in the value of the jumps. In short, the International Federation wants to balance technical and artistic components of the programs.

Many of these changes do not like. "The new rules will not benefit. We leave on 10-20 years ago and just driving on ice and beautiful shrug"- said in an interview "SE" two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko.

But we’ll have to adapt. How successfully it is able to do Tutberidze and her team, periodically spreading in social networks videos of incredible jumps my students? All pupils Eteri Georgievna associated at all in the first place with an incredible jump content.

Clearly, Medvedeva came to this certain doubt that there was another reason for the gap. And she would like to use the changing conditions to their maximum advantage. Especially considering the transferred trauma.

This is evidenced by the selection of a new coach. After all, the most famous disciples of the Orser – two time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu and two-time world champion Javier Fernandez – just combine the skillful execution of jumps with beautiful artistry and flexibility. In Arsenal, the Spaniard was basically only two quads that did not prevent him to win. This is probably exactly what you need now.

In recent years, Orser is associated with a male crook, but at the same time he led to victory at the 2010 Olympics Korean Kim Yu-na, so that a successful experience with girls in the canadian is also available. His collaboration with Medvedeva promises to be one of the most intriguing events in the coming season.

The Olympic champion 2002 Alexei Yagudin commented on the decision of the figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva to stop working with coach Eteri Tutberidze.

According to him, this situation is similar to that of Yagudin Olympics 2002. Then skater, who is trained together with Evgeni Plushenko under the leadership of Alexei Mishin, made the decision to go to Tatiana Tarasova.

“I have said before, what can not be the right thing.

I judge by the situation that was with Plushenko and Mishin, we can train together, but someone psychologically to be in any way crushed. I am 18 years old boy I see, Yes, I need it to stay is a dead end. Maybe Medvedev felt the same “- quoted by TASS Yagudin.

He stressed that the decision of 18-year-old Medvedeva worthy of respect.

“If two athletes perform at the same level, no one wants to compromise, so people are looking for a change in life.” Genis, whatever it was. She’s obviously one of the leaders of the women’s single skating, and Alina, who won rightfully in the Olympics, Zhenya, “Yagudin added.




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