Why fashion girls practice delivery in the air

Gone are the days when the instagram blasted the priest Kim Kardashian with champagne. Today, the pedestal is completely occupied by other roundnesses – the belly of pregnant stars and the heels of their wonderful crumbs. Bronze by the number of likes – a photo Beyonce a year ago: drowning in flowers, the naked singer announced a double replenishment in the family. Silver earned Cristiano Ronaldo: he posted a picture from the ward of the hospital, where his fourth child was born, the baby of Alan Martin. And gold – from Stormy, the newborn daughter of twenty-year-old Kylie Jenner. From the mother in that picture, only the thumb with a faultless manicure of the color of baby’s cheeks.

More hounds could gather only the process of conception and childbirth. Fortunately, they remain behind the scenes for the time being: instagram, in contrast to twitter and snapcha, still believes, like Verochka from the “Service Novel”, that there must be a mystery in a woman. In the rest we saw everything. Infants – and the newly born iPhones cameras, and only preparing to come to the world of victorious narcissism – have thoroughly pressed the HLS, belfi, follomite and other important trends of the digital world. The perfect girl from the cover of 2018 – clever, beautiful plus-size, sportswoman, African American – Serena Williams last year, in the midst of the third trimester, bare belly for the cover Vanity Fair. In February, Vogue US put it on the cover, along with Alexis, a four-month-old daughter. In the history of the bible of fashion, the child appeared only once in this holy place, in 2002. Then, by the way, the top model was taken by Ember Valletta, and even her son Auden was almost as good as his mother, he understood why he was so honored: the boy was a year and a half.

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Dutch Vogue willingly posed Rose Bertram – a model with a pleasant number of followers, in detail recorded their pregnancy in instagram. “Another three centimeters” – so, for example, Rose signed her photo from the hospital.

We remember that Demi Moore gave birth to her first daughter Rumer under the close gaze of three movie cameras, and from the second, the future Scout, in the seventh month of pregnancy, she adorned the cover of the same Vanity Fair and, sorry for the pun, became the mother of the tradition of filming the pregnant naked. Do not forget, of course, and the birth of Marina Anisina in almost live YouTube. All other stars, however, for years considered pregnancy and especially the process of procreation a purely personal matter. Kylie Jenner hid her interesting position for nine months: she stopped appearing in public, spreading only the close-ups of her face to the network. And so heated interest that the video with the chronicle of her pregnancy, which the model published on YouTube already after the birth of Stormy, by the time of delivery of the number looked more than sixty-one million times. Kylie, of course, now prochat career mommy-vloger.

Why fashion girls practice delivery in the air

Another queen of social networks Chiara Ferragni began to tell in detail about her son in the fifth month of pregnancy: a record of ultrasound, pictures of a growing abdomen, as on pasta with ciabatta. Eleven million subscribers (plus another five without a father, the musician Fedize) beforehand even mentioned the name – Leo. For the first time in eight years, Chiara skipped Fashion Week in Milan and did not grieve: it turned out that the pictures in the spirit of Demi Moore bring twice as many likes as the bows of the day.

Why fashion girls practice delivery in the air

The rounding of forms did not prevent journalist Pandora Sykes and stylist Keith Foley from getting into Erdem dresses and arranging races for dinner parties and other cereal events. It would seem, here it is, the proof: pregnancy is not an excuse to give up what is dear to you, and sit down in four walls in a dimensionless T-shirt. From the mothers-heroines of the Moscow light, Evgenia Linovich and Svetlana Zakharova are signed under this. Light, for example, even more loved tight-fitting dresses, and on the anniversary of the wedding of Victoria and Oleg Shelyaguov in the Vladimir Palace in general arrived in the leather Saint Laurent silhouette of the ultraslim-fit.

Why fashion girls practice delivery in the air

Why fashion girls practice delivery in the air

But not everything is so simple. A picture of Beyonc√©, a month after the birth of the city and the world of Madonna, with two babies and a flat belly, shared the audience. Some claimed that she sang motherhood, and therefore, a woman’s strength (where now without the feminine power!). Others flat stomach offended. Not every motherhood resembles shooting for gloss, they say, and women’s strength is not to put on the silver of Yanina Couture, like Chrissie Taygen, or to pose in scarlet mini like Chloe Kardashian. Women should support each other, not humiliate. A terrible thing: some even doubted whether the real feminist exemplary mommy Mrs. Carter.

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The best strategy was chosen by the founder of the site Man Repeller Leandra Medin, who is pregnant with twins. She with branded humor tells readers about the complexities of her situation. For example, about the fact that for several months she did not shave her legs, which, in addition, regularly swell, making it impossible to wear Prada’s lovely little boats. Diary of Leandra from the Fashion Week was called simply: “Rice pudding and non-stop urination”. And ECO, through which she had to go more than once, the blogger devoted several essays. Who now condemns the beauty for accompanying these hymns of activity of the author’s photo in the snow-white cardigans Chlo√©, the trendy coat of Saks Potts and the “Cossacks” Isabel Marant?

Why fashion girls practice delivery in the air

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