Who was played by Peter Dinklage in the “War of Infinity”

Who was played by Peter Dinklage in the "War of Infinity"In the photo: Peter Dinklage

The fact that the star of the “Game of Thrones” will play a role in “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”, became known in January last year. However, the character that got to Peter Dinklage, was not disclosed. Directors Rousseau brothers only noted that this is an important party.

Now, when there was only one day left before the official start, the site Digital Spy published information about this hero. However, if you absolutely do not want to know anything about the plot of the “War of Infinity”, refrain from further reading.

So, Dinklage (who, we recall, already dealt with Marvel comics in the movie “X-Men: Days of the Past”) played Aitri, the king of the dwarves who live on the planet Nidavellir (one of the nine kingdoms). Atri is a master armourer. It was he who forged Tor’s hammer. And gnomes are allies of Asgard.

Who was played by Peter Dinklage in the "War of Infinity"

Since the hammer was destroyed by Helo in the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, and later destroyed as a whole Asgard, Thor, intending to defeat Thanos (and realizing that with bare hands to go to the titan silly and knowingly losing), decides to visit Nidavellir again, create him a new weapon. The company on this journey is the Torah and the Rocket and Groot.

A detailed history of Aytri was told in the comic book “Thor: The Dark World Prelude”. When the Bifrost bridge was destroyed, the trolls attacked Nidavellir, knowing that the Asgardians could not come to help the gnomes. But Heimdall (in the film Idris Elba) used the power of Tesseract and rebuilt the bridge, so Thor and the other Asgardian warriors came and saved the dwarves from the trolls.

In a word, Aytri is indebted to Thor. So, of course, he agrees to make a weapon for him. That’s just not all so simple: Thanos also went to Nidavellir and complicated the armourer’s life. We will not say anything more, in order not to spoil it openly.

“War of Infinity” will start on the screens tomorrow, April 26.

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