Who is Kirk Myers and for what his love models?

Why did celebrities fall in love with this particular fitness trainer?

Who is Kirk Myers and for what his love models?

If you go into the Instructions of fitness trainer Kirk Myers, then you will need very little time to discern among the sweaty video clients of the world’s top models. Here and the “angels” Jasmine Tux, Sarah Sampayo, Adriana Lima and Romy Streid, the new girl of Leonardo DiCaprio, Camilla Morrone, Carly Kloss, Bella Hadid, Advoa Aboa and many others. Why did all these beauties choose it? Let’s try to understand.

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There is no better advertising than his own experience – a few years ago, when Kirk still lived in Kansas, he weighed 136 kilograms. His favorite hobby was eating fast food, which quickly led him to obesity and the diagnosis of “heart failure”. It was on the bed in the hospital that the guy who had nothing to do with the sport understood that it was time to change something. After discharge, he began to do a little bit of fitness. The new figures on the scales included the excitement in the young man and he was re-qualified from a full kid to an amateur physical activity.

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A little while later he began to train the same as himself. A little later he moved to New York to his brother, who happily worked in the field of cinema and advised his young cousin-coach to the right people. So at some point Kirk got his first star client – Hugh Jackman. He was so enthusiastic about the training system that he led to the guy and his bodyguard, and closest friends. And he attended classes, he usually with his dog – because of what their joint meetings have all nicknamed Dogpound.

Subsequently, this is how Kirk named his studio in New York, which was first visited by the model of Jasmine Tux – again on the tip of people from the industry, and then led to Kirk a whole caravan of “angels.” Everyone was so fond of each other that this year, when Victoria’s Secret held a show in Shanghai, Kirk flew with the girls to prepare them for the podium. Such a strong love. In the future plans for the coach opening branches in Los Angeles and London, so that the probability of getting into the hands of the master will be slightly larger.

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