What strikes an ordinary tourist in America

What strikes an ordinary tourist in America

1. Many Americans are standing on tiptoe when traveling in an elevator

They do this in order to avoid compression in the spine. When the elevator moves from the upper floors and stops at the bottom, you just need to stand on tiptoe – and then there will not be excessive pressure on the vertebrae.

2. The 18-year rule

Many American families release children into independent life as soon as they are 18 years old. It is believed that a man of this age is old enough to exist autonomously from his father’s house. It’s strange, but many children and parents become almost strangers after such parting: they rarely call up and visit each other.

Usually 18-year-old boys and girls, who were released on all four sides, rent their homes together and lead their daily life – because it is so much easier. Many of them do not study anywhere and spend time aimlessly for virtual games, drinking beer and attending parties. They have little money, aspirations – too. It seems to me, it is this strange tradition that is the reason for the existence in America of a lot of old people’s homes – children simply “take” their parents there in gratitude.

3. The relation to food

Food does not represent any value for Americans. Everything that is not eaten at the table, simply thrown away. Good delicious food is sent to the trash, it is not stored, as in our fridges. It is very unfortunate that the food, which very many people on earth are deprived of, is simply thrown out.

4. Virtual families

Many Americans “go” from the real world to the virtual world, where they have their own families. And they do it in full earnest! The fact is that many Americans suffer from loneliness, they lack human relations and warmth. And there are not only virtual husbands or wives, but also children, grandparents, sisters and brothers, uncles of aunt …

Pensioners from homes for the elderly are looking for virtual grandchildren, closed teenagers – grandparents, who could give them care and attention. People who are deprived of communication in real life find it on the Web.

5. They love meat with blood

Americans are gourmets. They are very fond of meat, especially with blood. In any American restaurant, you can order any degree of steak roasting, even “you do not need to fry much, just lightly, and let there be more blood.”

6. Society of lovers of drilling teeth

In America there are thousands of different communities of lovers of some things. Among them there are very very strange. For example, one waiter told me what is in the community of lovers to drill their teeth. Every weekend they get together and go to the dental clinic to drill their teeth, and it does not matter at all whether their teeth are healthy or not.

Another person told that he likes to swallow toothbrushes: he just likes the care and attention of doctors when they extract the brushes from his stomach.

But it seems to me that the reason for such strange hobbies of people is very simple – they just do not have enough human warmth and communication.

7. Wide smiles to strangers

Americans smile always, everywhere and to everyone. Often, behind their smiles there is nothing hidden – it’s just an integral part of their culture.

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