What pictures in any case can not be hung in the house

The ancient Taoist doctrine of feng shui advises: harmonize your life by harmonizing the surrounding space. Simply put, everything that is in our dwelling should help us live, not interfere. Of course, this applies to pictures, photographs and any images that we decorate the walls of our house. Even if you treat Chinese philosophy with some irony, you should not neglect some quite sensible advice and discourage movement in your personal universe of the life-giving energy of qi.

Absolute taboos

The founders of the teachings of Feng Shui believe that human thoughts are material. If you always think about the bad, everything will be bad. And if you cultivate positive thoughts in yourself, then life will improve.

That is why it is not recommended to hang any images in the dwelling that cause associations with decay, destruction, decay and poverty.

For example:

Ruins. Even the castle, even once luxurious. Ruins – this is the ruins, it is a symbol of death. An excellent example is the picture by Vasily Maksimov “Everything in the Past.” In the foreground, the old lady who dreams memories of bygone luxury, and in the background – crumbling house with columns and dried garden. Look, breathe, rejoice, that you still have everything ahead, and go on.

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the housePhoto: Vasily Maksimov’s painting “All in the Past”

Broken dishes. Do you need comments here? Broken cups, vases, plates are the most frequent symbol of quarrels, squabbles, spoiled life, mistakes.

Broken or dried trees, withered flowers. If you constantly look at what life has left from, you will not become an optimist. Constant reminder that everything perishes, drives into depression.

Poverty in any form. Rags, humiliating poses – is this what you dream about? Painting by Firs Zhuravlev “Children-beggars” – a true work of art, but he has a place in the museum.

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the house

Photo: Firs Zhuravlev’s picture “Children-beggars”

Image of standing water. Ponds and marshes of feng shui do not accept categorically. The word “stagnation” never had a positive color. In standing waters, the life-giving energy of qi does not circulate.

Images of any vices. All these “absinthe lovers” usually end up badly. For example, cut off his ear, write a self-portrait with bandaged head … And then their paintings posthumously sold at auction for a fortune, and the late author during his life of bread is not enough … In a word, drunkenness, prostitution, drug addiction and other decadence should not flash before through the eyes of a person who aspires to purity, physical and moral.

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the house

Photo: Pablo Picasso’s painting “Absinthe Lover”

Incomprehensible signs, letters, meaningless images. First, the inscription may have a bad meaning. Secondly, the constant feeling that you do not understand something will bring discord into your soul.

Paintings that you just do not like. The subject of painting can be a work of a famous and recognized artist, it can be beautifully decorated, executed with impeccable taste, but absolutely nothing to say to you. You are either bored or anxious, or simply not at all. Hence, this image can not harmonize your universe and inspire you. Why should you live someone else’s life? Even though a rug with swans on the wall, let any kitsch, but only you your soul sang it at sight.

For the benefit of prosperity

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the house

Photo: Eugene Petit’s picture “Bouquet of peonies”

Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui offers a variety of images that bring prosperity and development to a person’s life. For example, a story with a road going into the distance. Or snow-capped mountain peaks, illuminated by the sun. Mountain theory of Feng Shui – a symbol of permanence, solidity. Or an elephant is a beautiful, strong animal, a symbol of wealth and stability.

Of particular importance is the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing the world to plants, in particular to flowers. Favorite flower guru feng shui – this peony. The words “blooms and smells” literally evoke in memory the appearance and aroma of this plant. Peonies image theorists Feng Shui advised to place anywhere and everywhere, especially in the bedroom: it will inevitably lead to a drop in the shackles of celibacy, passionate love, the awakening of sexuality, the couple with experience and generally continuous fireworks of feelings.

Now let’s go through the rooms.

What pictures to hang in the living room

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the house

Photo: Isaac Levitan’s painting “Spring in Italy”

In this room you meet guests, meditate, communicate with family members. In the living room asking to image, symbolizing the movement: dancing people, running horses, flying birds, walking on the sea ships and so on. It will refresh your life and attract the influx of new energy.

If you have a common goal, a dream, hang in the living room a picture that will cheer you in striving for your goal. Thoughts are material, remember?

Plan to build a country house – select the image of the mansion of your dreams and place it in the most prominent place

The image of the hearth, which you want to get warm, is also suitable. Reproductions depicting fluttering butterflies promise profits – the fluttering of butterfly wings works well for the movement of qi energy.

Forest landscapes (without leaden clouds and broken trees) are also an option for the living room. Your favorite pictures should hang in well-lit places.

If the family is religious, spiritual themes will be relevant in the living room.

How to decorate a bedroom

Relax – that’s what the picture in the bedroom should bring to you. No aggressive, battle scenes. And no volcanoes and waterfalls in the frames. The waterfall does not lull, it is a militant state of water. Ponds and swamps kill sexual energy, we do not need stagnant water here.

If you have already decorated the wall in the bedroom lyubvenosnymi peonies, you can add to them some romantic motifs on canvases: couples, cooing “lovebirds”, filled with heat beach with two strolling figures.

What images to place in the kitchen

Juicy fruits and berries, all sorts of still lifes, causing appetite, beautiful scenery, a tree structure of the motives of the painting – that will attract prosperity in cooking and eating places. Particular attention should be given to green and other “plant” shades. Red color is also shown for kitchen illustrations – it symbolizes the color of fire.

Children – joy

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the house

Photo: Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers”

Delicate shades, flowering plants, cute little animals – let all this reign on the walls in the child’s room. The Chinese advise to decorate children’s images of a sunflower, a sun flower symbolizing health, aspiration upward. He will also motivate the development of adolescents. And they say, the sunflower drives away evil spirits.

What to hang in the hallway

What pictures in any case can not be hung in the housePhoto: Arkhip Kuindzhi’s painting “Birch Grove”

This premise takes the hosts and guests first, that’s why we need images that regulate the “good” energy flow and nullify the “bad” energy flow.

Landscapes will be good in the hallway, but depicting nature and the city is not at sunset. Beautiful, non-aggressive animals (preferably in pairs), children playing – that’s what you need. For the influx of money energy, a waterfall is suitable, but with an average drop force of water.

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