What pairs could be (cine-real)

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What pairs could be (cine-real)

It happens like this – the audience watches the film and is so imbued with the history of the main characters, involuntarily thinking, and suddenly the actors might have something all the same in real life.

So, let’s start with the analysis of your favorite acting pairs, which did not turn out well or did not last long. Pospesperim, so to speak.

So, let’s start, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. After, their joint "Diaries of memory", this pair has long been a real and beloved by many fans, but it did not work out.

What pairs could be (cine-real)

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone – this couple have been shot together more than once, and many believe that there is mad chemistry between them.

What pairs could be (cine-real)

Will Smith and Margot Robbie – this couple, also more than once starred together. And many times their rumor and what to conceal the desire of the audience. (Personally, this couple seems very hot to me, and knowing the rules of Will Smith, I can safely believe that there is no smoke without fire).

What pairs could be (cine-real)

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan – although the participants of this franchise are constantly blamed for the lack of chemistry in the frame, there are those who genuinely believe in the reality of this couple. Even the famous gossiper Anthi has written about relationships outside the frame between the two. And even the presence of his wife and children, Jamie, has not bothered anyone for a long time.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – where in this collection without the heroes of the Twilight saga. And they parted for a long time, and the very fact of the relationship under a big question, but no, many are stubbornly waiting for the reunion of the vampire couple.

And cherry on the cake of this post, the main pair of peying and schipper, the most famous pair of the magical world and the world of Muggles – Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, they are Tom Felton and Emma Watson. Until now, this peying is the main one in the entire Harry Potter universe. Against the backdrop of news about the rupture of actors with the second half (and even general photos in social networks), commentators are covered by a wave of nostalgia and many are turning into notable drama-mongers.

What pairs could be (cine-real)

The most interesting is that if all the other couples either existed or are in a hurry, something connects them, then the last couple is completely the fruit of the imagination of the fans, their common photo on the network once or twice and no. All or children’s, or photocells, where all the actors together, and 90% of the photoshop, sometimes, just masterpiece. Although, in my humble opinion, so Emma, ​​it would not mind to twist the affair with a longtime shooting partner.

That’s all for today.

All the good;)

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