Volodymyr Yumatov. The bull

Volodymyr Yumatov. The bullVladimir Yumatov

During the life of Herman on “Lenfilm” was dominated by his cult. In the morning I was greeted by the assistant Director, Olga. Harmless question, one now removed, not without pride, called the name of the Council … I’m in a split second time realized that the more rudeness and arrogance could not allow: “Never hear, never call that name when Alexei Yu. It’s so obvious! “

Viktyuk was screaming at me that the Windows were fogged: “Mediocrity! Misery !! Zero !!!” Classic tyrant in rehearsals transformed the actors in the blotter. Sometimes I wanted to keep him on the mat and even to strike, but kept the idea that we work is still a genius. And the very next day I could hear: “Little genius!” And all was instantly forgiven. Perhaps it was his creative method: bringing the artist almost to the best of frenzy and then pulling out of it the energy necessary for the realization of crazy theatrical meanings. It Viktyuk gave me the belief that I have the right professional experience on stage.

Where does the attraction to acting? Perhaps, in my case, it worked genes. Mom Tatiana V. Shavrina and father Sergei Nikiforovich Yumatov, in the late forties, graduated from the Opera-dramatic Studio, Stanislavsky in Moscow. As planned I was during the tour in the far East, on the island of Shikotan, the stories – in the bamboo grove.

Born in 1951 in Moscow on the Falcon, and up to seven years of the wandering with his parents through the provinces: Stalinabad operetta, the oldest in Russia the Yaroslavl theater of the name Volkova, Orenburg drama. Backroom childhood was a lot of obvious advantages. For example, the unquestioned authority in the yard. Burning my peers. Pistols and machine guns were wooden, but looked like the real thing.

But stay in the theater had a downside. Sitting on the performances, I was totally in the middle of the day, I did not want the same mother – Sanka – I took it in the white guard counterintelligence in “Intervention”, but when dad is the captain of a ship under the heroic music “died” in ” Caravan “, my audience’s grief had no limits. Unfortunately, they often come on the scene in difficult circumstances, so I shouted everywhere: in the ground and Director’s box, backstage and even under the stage. When during the action, swung the rope of the great bell of the present, patience, leadership is exhausted and the parents are taking me to work.

In Orenburg, the theater was rented for our family communal. Our two rooms, the third roommate named Melissa V., which, of course, turned to the Police. When the parents went to the play. Lady Melissa led sometimes with me. One spark from the stove in our room fell on the wood – flashed solid. I have no signs of panic knocked at the closed door and calmly announced: Read more “

Volodymyr Yumatov. The bull

Photo from archive of V. yumatova

Volodymyr Yumatov. The bullPhoto from archive of V. yumatova

– Police Vladimirovna, we have a fire.


– You have to stop! – Look: already the curtains started! Again knock.

– Vovka, and now will call the police!

– Call, call … or you’ll burn!

Only one whiff of smoke, she opened the door, grabbed me in his arms, rushed out from the machine and called the fire department. Then all were surprised at the thought of five boys, and I apparently just did not understand the danger.

Always wanted to be like a calm father, but much more traits inherited from his mother. I owe her “powder” temperament, with sentimentality and the fact that taking too much to heart. But dad took the actor’s unexpected gesture, any facial movement, head rotation, intonation … And instant awareness at the stage that it’s from him. Maybe he just sees me and helps? I do not know …

Father was a very good actor. Objectively. I know what I’m saying, because I remember him on the stage and read a lot of reviews. In all theaters, where he served as a honored artist of the RSFSR Sergei Yumatov, he only played a major role. Passed away in the eighties. His most recent theater was the Vladimir drama, where thankfully and carefully honor his memory still!

When I was nine, my father left us. His second wife was not an actress but a doctor. I think he consciously chose a woman uncreative profession. My dad stayed in Orenburg, and my mother returned to Moscow to my the world’s best grandmother Lyubov Alexandrovna Sabrinas – school teacher of botany and biology. But the fatherless I never felt. Father I dearly loved and when he was in Moscow. Keep his letters. And he was pampered with gifts: the first hours in the life of a gold-plated “Flight” camera “Smena”, the skates, the transistor “Falcon” bike “Sputnik” – from him …

In the late sixties there was a stepfather – a Grebennikov. One combination of roaring sounds in behalf of the irritated. Dry and practical, he worked as an official in the Committee of standardization. His mother feared, trembled at the appearance. After the divorce, Grebennikov put ex-spouse, the expense of three hundred rubles – a huge amount! The fact is that when mom took the money for agriculture, the stepfather meticulously wrote down every penny, and probably in his accounting that is not converged. Barely gathered the required, and I took the duty.

It was all too late, and when I was twelve, “my girls” – mom and grandma became difficult to deal with Johnny. By the time I was expelled in disgrace for the conduct of the school and philosophically doubted the need to visit another. At this juncture I caught the question mom: “Vova, and you do not want to become a cadet?” Oh my God, I do not even dream about it! Read more “

Volodymyr Yumatov. The bullPhoto from archive of V. yumatova

The school was not just the military, and military music. The second component of just what was in the past. But the medical board could cause problems, as inherited from his father and even blindness. (My wife Irina sees strawberries from the car window, and I must crawl on my knees, raising each leaflet.) Harmful opticians will have the trick: memorize the Rabkin polychromatic tables. The Commission looked at the number and immediately answered, what is shown there …

And here is the Silver pine forest barracks at the cliff above the Moscow river. The foreman gives me Kireev shirt with red epaulets with white trim, brand new squeaky leather strap and coveted tuxedo pants! All I do is delighted to get into, but sitting next to my mom and crying. Then I’m standing on the porch and watch as she carries the shopping bag with my civilian clothes.

Now on different occasions and not without humor, to remind the sons: “I cleaned my first toilet in twelve years.” They laugh, but I know that it is the absolute truth. We were authorized to army regulations.

Volodymyr Yumatov. The bullPhoto from archive of V. yumatova

We were allowed to go home only on Sunday on furlough. In the first (fifth in the civilian world) class the day before my mom’s birthday, I lost that happiness because of low marks in mathematics. Disaster! Ran to the company commander to any humiliating oaths and assurances to check home to the family “my girls”. He sympathetically listened to me, took him to the toilet, where he had recently made repairs, and offered, “Okay. Clean the window glass from paint chips and come.”

An hour and a half with razor blades for safety razors “Neva” coped with all four Windows. Cut the garbage! Run to the officer, and company commander no longer. Chekhov’s final! Remember the last words of the firs in “the Cherry orchard”: “Left! You forgot about me.”? Tragedy! Stood on the shore, looking at the Moscow lights in the distance, smeared on the cheeks of tears and imagined as major sinks in the hole, pulls my hand and shouts: “the Pupil! Help me!” And I relish spit, turn around and proudly leave. Hear his “plop” …

Years later, my former company commander, had already retired, came to work in the Moscow city House of Amateur. There after we moved to the capital, my mother worked: she could not find a place in the theater. I went once to her and see the old man, who pulls his hands out to me and with sincere joy sobbing: “voloden’ka! You are my dear!” And no-th-th-shen-ki does not remember! And we embraced. However, he worked in Suvorov and my first officer, educator, generously split the German shrapnel – captain, veteran David Rastovich Devdariani. The man who for the lifetime will remain in memory as an example of wisdom, kindness and justice. Read more “

Volodymyr Yumatov. The bullPhoto from archive of V. yumatova

Classmates at school became my family for life. One of them will mention especially. Valery Khalilov was in the class the smallest. Clarinet in his hands. Valery became the General Favorite and Pet. In any case, “Mazanov” is a very painful clicks on the forehead of the older he got less than the others.

His favorite trick was to fold the ear in two or three times. The teacher of the German clutched at his heart:

– Khalilov! Where is your ear ?!

– No, Jeanne Andreevna. I froze cross-country skiing. And then it … Well, fell off!

Then he did some movement with the muscles of the forehead, and pow! – released ear free. German to faint. The class is delighted. Still jealous!

A few years ago I was called the chief military-orchestral service of the armed forces, chief military conductor, honored art worker, Lieutenant General Valeriy Mikhailovich Khalilov:

– Well, dude, congrats on the national title!

– Are you talking about, Valerie?

– We’re by a presidential decree to go! I got it in the mail will be sent.

A striking coincidence. Knew each other since childhood, went through life totally different ways – and in one day received the highest rank!

Twenty-fifth of December 2016 The Director of the legendary ensemble of the Alexandrov Valery Khalilov was killed in Tu-154 crash near Sochi … this year it is already the second time will not be on the traditional may the reunion in Serebryany Bor. And our home school now bears his name.

Fate has been determined that Suvorov I did not finish – my mother and grandmother yearned and taken after the eighth grade. Returned to regular school, and after it. The father came to listen to me, but I do not seem too impressed with it. Reached the third round at GITIS and was shocked that I cut. Standing, dead, in front of the Board with lists of enrollees, and one redhead handsome curly shouts on the stairs, triumphantly raising their fists: “Yes!”

It was Igor Kostolevsky. Met him recently on the set of the TV series “Crime”, and I amused him with a story. We settled in to each other. Igor is surprisingly modest, extremely considerate, open and warm people, which I always appreciate in the people in our profession. Those shots were very difficult physically. Worked at the frame, overcoming himself. Hardly sounded the command “Stop!” – Igor the first was missing a nearby chair and tripped me: “Volodya, come on!” Read more “

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