Viewers of “Eurovision” will not see a wheelchair Yulia Samoilova

Viewers of "Eurovision" will not see a wheelchair Yulia SamoilovaThe singer was told that he was not going to be hurt and wanted

Viewers of “Eurovision” does not show a wheelchair Russian girls Yulia Samoilova. As she was told the actress that she does not want to arouse public sympathy.

A year ago the authorities in Kiev have banned the singer to come to Ukraine to participate in the contest. As says the artist, then he heard statements that their health it “presses on pity”.

“We have decided that I will be without a wheelchair. "special" but we decided not to focus on that. It turns out that the other contestants will be on the equal footing. Let each person evaluate only my vocal, my promise, my charm, my song and my room, “said Julia., Apparently, her carriage will hide costume.

The singer remembered her.

“I always said Alla: "Julia, the main thing sing. Like it or not like it. You have to sing and convey the idea". I’m preparing for the maximum and will not be the maximum, not thinking about what to take first or second place, “admitted the singer in an interview with Super.

At Eurovision in Portugal Yulia Samoilova will perform with the song I Will not Break.

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