Unpredictable endgame. “Avengers: War of Infinity”, dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Unpredictable endgame. "Avengers: War of Infinity", dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo“Avengers: War of Infinity”, dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Released on the screens of the sequel to the “Avengers” – and already the nineteenth film of the cinematic universe Marvel – commented Nina Tsyrkun.

In the saga of the avengers, Marvel worked out and sharpened her formula of the blockbuster of the era of mechanical reproducibility, bringing the narrative to the limit, followed by a radical renewal, a total restart, a change of characters or at least of their performers. As Dr. Strange put it, “We approached the endgame.” All this is quite feasible and certainly planned, and it is already curious how the key theme will be changed or modified in order to acquire a new and at the same time recognizable and attractive quality. After all, recognition is based on the ten-year success of the Marvel production of the most grandiose franchise in the history of cinema. As in the giant crossover Joe and Anthony Russo “Avengers: The War of Infinity”, when the intrigue, giving in to the tides of enthusiasm in the audience hearts, moves with jerks with the appearance on the screen of the next favorite of the public. And here all can not be counted: Hulk, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Widow and Black Panther, Vizhen and Scarlet Witch, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy in full composition (though Gamora is not with them) and almost all the others, dozens of characters – however, some of them remain cautious behind the scenes, apparently until the appearance of the second part of the film.

Unpredictable endgame. "Avengers: War of Infinity", dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo“Avengers: The War of Infinity”

The viewer knows in advance what Bruce Banner will fight against, what object Tony Stark and Peter Parker will joke about, how they will dive together in wits, the same Tony Stark and Dr. Strange, than Shuri, the younger sister of King Wakoda T’Challa / Black Panther and so on, and so forth. And the audience will laugh again, once again hearing from the lips of the naive and imperturbable Mantis from the Guardians’ line a remark about Kevin Bacon as the most heroic of the superheroes. In the well-known old interspersed show-shots: here it turns out, what the Cloak of Levitation of Doctor Strange is capable of! That’s the sacrifice that Wood / Baby Groot is willing to go to to rescue the unarmed Torah!

“Avengers: War of Infinity”, trailer

But all this is only a side dish to the main dish – a really endless screen war with the forces of the main super villain, finally released to the forefront of the franchise – Thanos (again in the melancholy performance of Josh Brolin). Thanos is obsessed with the idea of ​​drastically reducing the population size in the vastness of the universe in order to provide the remaining lucky ones with a satisfying and comfortable existence in conditions of dwindling living resources. He has already implemented his project for quite some time and, as it seems to him, successfully. Now his hands reached for Asgard, where he clashed with Tor and Loki, and there the Earth looms on the turn. The global design of Thanos, obsessed with the “balance” of living beings and the resource base, recalls the project of a sociopathic Adrian Weidt / Ozimandia paranoid from the “Keepers” of DC Zach Snyder, who planned to destroy several world cities like Moscow and New York to prevent a nuclear war. It’s hard to come up with something new to justify the evil: it’s always some great goal, on the way to which it is necessary to sacrifice a certain (or infinite) number of someone’s lives. It is much easier to come up with an external villainous coloring – in Thanos, for example, it is egocentric-violet.

To control the entire universe, Thanos needs to get to the complete set of a set of stones for individual use, which he gently inserts into his glove of infinity, around which all the cheese fights. Possessing powerful intellect and incredible power, Thanos is practically invulnerable, and most importantly, it is capable of emitting waves of sizzling energy.

Unpredictable endgame. "Avengers: War of Infinity", dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo“Avengers: The War of Infinity”

Graphic Thanos – whose name, of course, is a cut from the embodiment of the death of the ancient Thanatos with an iron heart – appeared in the early 1970s. Then he was friends with his brother Eros (a famous case – love goes around with death) and fell in love with Lady Death. In order to please her, he collected death crops throughout the universe, throwing them at her feet. In my opinion, this romantic motive from the script of the Avengers … vanished in vain, replacing the tearful and unconvincing ersatz.

In any case, the content reserve will suffice for the next impressive dose of the “war of infinity” in order to complete the epic with a powerful chord, which everyone will be especially eagerly waiting for. Because the first part should, of course, end on a climax, at the most interesting place, but so that as radically as the writers Christopher Marcus and Stephen McPhee came up with, no one expected that for sure.

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