Tusuysja all life on back with Steve Anzhello

After reuniting with Swedish House Mafia in Miami, Steve Anzhello seems to be now concentrating on his own solo career.

Recently this DJ and producer introduced his fans a new idea, which he called “Life Pass”. Performed in the form of a credit card, this pass guarantees its owner not only free access to all future performances of Angelo, but also communication with the artist at the backstage during his performances.

With the help of this Pass, the artist tries to advertise his future album called “Human”. At the moment it is completely unclear how many such Passes will be issued, but it is certain that they will be guaranteed to provide access only to his solo performances anywhere in the world. You can try to win one of several cards by registering on a special website.

Tusuysja all life on back with Steve Anzhello

As reported in a distributed press release, on the label Private Persons in the near future there is a full-fledged album of Kiev producer Dmitry Avksentiev, better known as Koloah. However, this time he will be recording under another his pseudonym – Voin Oruwu. This project arose thanks to Dmitry’s love for cinema and the study of mystical worlds.

Inspired by his own post-apocalyptic story, the producer decided to record a soundtrack for her – and from this idea came the Voin Oruwu, in which technology, science and art blended together.

Dmitry is a regular participant of some of the main Ukrainian events, such as “Circuits”, Next Sound festivals, “Strichka” and Brave Factory Festival.

The album “Big Space Adventure “is released on the label Private Persons 25 May. Pre-order opened at Lobster Records Store.

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