Thin legs: 20 styles of clothes that will make the legs visually slimmer

Beautiful legs are the dream of most women. They are a major trump card in the struggle for the attention of the opposite sex and significantly increase self-esteem. However, if you decide to declare war on the hips on the hips, riding breeches and thick knees, then do not wait for a quick result.

What to do if you want to get rid of the shortcomings right now?

It’s simple – while you are working on the fullness of the legs, it can be disguised. Today we will tell you the main secrets of visually slender legs and show the styles of clothes that will hide the flaw.

Secret number 1: correctly matched jeans

Hide thick legs will help jeans of men’s cut, flared and loose. They are able not only to make the lower body visually slimmer, but also to lengthen it. It is better to give preference to models made of soft jeans of dark color.

Wear them with comfortable shoes. Excellent sneakers on the wedge are perfect: they not only fit perfectly to the jeans, but are also able to visually lengthen the legs even more visually. If you are a happy owner of a beautiful chest and a thin waist, then the top should be tight-fitting – a T-shirt or sweater is best. The remaining women are better to give preference to free (but not too voluminous!) Elongated sweaters.

Images with jeans flare

1. Light jeans are ideal for soft gray sweatshirts. Pay attention to the details – an asymmetrical insert on the jacket, a fur jacket, large beads and a bulky bag mask a small tummy and full sides.

Thin legs: 20 styles of clothes that will make the legs visually slimmer

2. The best option for women who are constantly in motion is a denim suit. A loose man’s shirt in a vertical strip and rough shoes on a wedge help to create a free and comfortable outfit. The shawl and deliberate negligence of things make the image harmonious.

Thin legs: 20 styles of clothes that will make the legs visually slimmer

3. Here you see just 3 everyday images with jeans flared. The first is perfect for walking – a simple T-shirt looks stylish with jeans, and a scarf with a print and a bag make the outfit daring and youthful. The second is suitable for meetings with friends – stripes, a bag and bright lipstick make it unusually modern and stylish. The third outfit – stylish and concise – will create the image of a business lady.

4. Be bright and at the same time hide the shortcomings? Easily! Just select the wide red trousers. Wear them with a bright purple or lilac shirt and a clutch in tone. A large multi-colored necklace will distract attention from small imperfections, and a beige coat will soften a motley outfit.

Thin legs: 20 styles of clothes that will make the legs visually slimmer5. Wide trousers of dark cherry color are also able to diversify boring outfits. They look great with dark sweaters and massive shoes.

6.Free, but not flared, shortened trousers will suit women with beautiful ankles and full hips. A spacious shirt and bag in tone will make the image stylish and harmonious, and bright shoes will draw attention to the delicate lower part of the legs.

Secret number 2: skirts and dresses

Correctly selected skirt will help to look feminine and hide the fullness of the legs. Here are the main recommendations.

1. Full women should not wear lush multi-layered skirts – they will make the body even wider. It is better to choose a free model from one layer of fabric, without frills, flounces and pockets. The best styles are a pencil, a trapeze, a year. You can choose a model with a cut in the center in front or behind.

2. If you look slim and have narrow shoulders and a thin waist in combination with thick legs – choose a long pleated or corrugated skirt, decorated with an abundance of folds.

3.How to hide the fullness of the feet can even the top of the attire. Prefer long-sleeved blouses: they fit everyone.

Thin legs: 20 styles of clothes that will make the legs visually slimmer

4. Dress for a woman with full legs should be either a dark monophonic, or decorated with a small print or a vertical strip.

Of course, the best option is a maxi dress, but few will want to wear such a model in everyday life. If you are going to a solemn event – choose it, and in all other cases, our selection will help.

Secret number 3: shoes

It is equally important to choose the right shoes.

Remember the following rules:

  • Dark colors help to reduce the legs;
  • light solid shoes will make calves thinner;
  • The best heel options are a stable massive or stud;
  • The wedge and platform are ideal options, especially if they are combined with an open toe;
  • half boots and ankle boots will shorten the legs and make them thicker;
  • high boots on the heel fit for the cold season.

Finally, let’s give another tip: long ornaments (earrings, pendants), clutches and bags on a short strap also help to look visually slimmer.

Full legs are not a reason to hide at home until the end of the training course and diet. Choose the right outfit to hide flaws, and do not forget that any image looks best combined with self-confidence and a radiant smile.

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