There were fresh footage from the new film by Lars von Trier

There were new frames of the thriller von Trier "The house that Jack built".

The new work of the shocking Dane Lars von Trier ("Dogville", "Dancing in the Dark"), who recently received the most significant cultural award in his homeland, gradually grows obscure with visual meat.

The House That Jack Built | Novo Lars von Trier estreia fotos sangrentas com Uma Thurman 7FQraCexmW

– Observatório Cinema (@ObsCinema) April 27, 2018

Not so long ago, a teaser that was hinted at the Cannes Film Festival, hinting at conceptual violence, was recently released, and this is indirectly confirmed by fresh footage – the tense face of the hero Matt Dillon, watched by the heroine Uma Thurman, the dragging of the bloodied body and the frightened girl with a puppet face in the set .

The plot, which will unfold in the 70-80s of the XX century, will tell about a maniac named Jack. He successfully escapes the police for a long time. Each new murder of a self-conscious psychopath artist furnishes more and more sophisticated and grotesque, creating a painful aesthetic art objects.

The director plans to present the narrative from the first person, so that the viewer could immerse himself in the viscous world of the floating reality of the protagonist. The history will be divided into five parts with connecting transitions, as in "Nymphomaniac".

At first the project was planned in the format of the series, but later the director changed his mind and decided to shoot a full-length movie, saying that it was partly inspired by Donald Trump or "Rat King", "homo trumpus".

Starring: Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Sophie Grouble, Riley Kio, Bruno Ganz, Mariana Jankovic.

The premiere will take place at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, which will be held from 8 to 19 May.

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