The world’s first exhibition of photos taken at the camera of the car

The world's first exhibition of photos taken at the camera of the car

Until recently, photos taken on the phone were nonsense, today – more than the norm. But the photos taken on the car, have not yet entered into fashion and are surprising. In this case, we are not talking about images from the DVR, but about a full-fledged art exhibition: it can be seen in the Manege until May 27 in the framework of the Photobiennale.

The first car, which allows you to get high quality images, has become an SUV Volvo XC60 with a built-in camera of the company’s security system. The works of this “photographer” make up an entire exposition with a documentary chronicle of the street life of Copenhagen. Before us – picturesque pedestrians and cyclists, organically fit in the space and a rich urban landscape. The co-author of the photographs was the photographer Barbara Davidson, who received the treasured “Pulitzer” three times. For this talented woman, it is time to conquer new heights of photo art: the world’s first exhibition of photographs taken on the camera of the car belongs to her. Be sure to come to see this amazing phenomenon, and at the same time stroll through other expositions of the Moscow “Photobiennale”.

The museum operates from 12 to 22 hours, tickets for 400 rubles.

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