The well-dressed Melania Trump in an elegant dress performed at the gala evening

The well-dressed Melania Trump in an elegant dress performed at the gala eveningMelania Trump / photo:

The first lady of the US the other day again came out after the operation on the kidneys. Melania Trump visited a gala concert in honor of Abraham Lincoln.

Last month, Melania Trump (Melania Trump) underwent an operation on the kidneys. After such procedures, people usually recover quickly, but the first lady of the US was published only last week. Together with her husband Donald Trump (Donald Trump), she attended an event dedicated to the war-dead American soldiers and their families. So she dispelled rumors about serious health problems and a quarrel with her husband.

The other day, Melania again came out. This time without accompaniment. The first lady appeared as chairman at the annual gala concert in honor of President Abraham Lincoln at the Washington Theater of Ford. She was irresistible in a long black evening dress with white stripes in the bust area and a silver insert. Apparently the rest went to her good. Many noted that Trump’s wife was prettier and literally shone during the evening.

Melania said a few words from the stage in support of people who received awards that day. Later she also photographed with the guests. Recall that Lincoln medals are awarded to those citizens who multiply the legacy of the 16th US president. For what reason Trump did not accompany his wife is unknown. Perhaps they decided that if Melania appears in public alone, then by that will show that she is already fully healthy.

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