The trailer of the new “Robin Hood” from Leonardo DiCaprio

Two with a gak minute almost non-stop action and an interesting caste – similarly the viewer welcomes the first trailer of the new film about the deeds of the famous Sherwood philanthropist and Voroshilov’s arrow Robin Hood. With some cheerful roll in the prequel.

By an entertaining caste, we mean Teron Edgerton (Eggsie of Kingsman), Jamie Foxx, Yves Hewson ("Hospital of Knickerbocker", "Spy Bridge"), Tim Minchin (Atticus of "California’s Whimsical"), Jamie Dornan (a ruler about the shades of gray, "Crash", "Marie Antoinette"), Paul Anderson ("Survivor", "Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows").

Put the canvas of Otto Bathurst ("Black mirror", "Sharp peaks", "Virtuosos"). The co-producer is Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Robin of Loxley (Edgerton) and his Moor ally (Fox) are fighting against the thoroughly corrupt English crown in a thrilling adventure picture filled with brutal fights, insane fighting choreography and dotted lyrics", – announces us. Calling in mind last year’s postmodern "Sword of King Arthur" Guy Ritchie. With a crash failed at the box office, by the way.

The premiere of the tape, which we announced as "Robin Hood: The Beginning", – 20 November.

Robin Hood – the hero of medieval English ballads, wisely redistributed financial flows, selecting on the glade money from the rich and giving them to the needy.

The story of a harsh but just man found, of course, a profuse reflection on the screens – in the form of dozens of feature films, cartoons and serials. Starting with the tape in 1922 and not finishing "Robin Hood" Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe, released in 2010.

In the domestic cinema, the character is also not overlooked: it’s easy to remember "Arrows of Robin Hood" 1975 with the songs of Vysotsky (bard was offered and as a jester, but could not withdraw) and their conditional sequel – "Ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe" 1982th. Also with the songs of Vladimir Semenovich.

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