The square on Gangutskaya street can be named after the writer Daniil Granin

The square on Gangutskaya street can be named after the writer Daniil Graninvideo screenshot "Daniil Granin. Confession". Documentary

In Smolny they are going to give a name to the square, which is located not far from the museum of defense and the blockade of Leningrad, it will be named in honor of Daniil Granin.

April 25 in the press service of Smolny reported that in the center of the Northern capital there is an anonymous park, which may soon appear a name.

Daniel Granin was a Soviet and Russian writer, screenwriter, public figure, and he was also an honorary citizen of the city.

The toponymic commission under the leadership of Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov took into account the opinion of the writer’s daughter and the connection of the site with his biography.

Note that the square is located between Gagarinskaya street and Solyaniy lane: on Gangutskaya street in St. Petersburg.

Recall that Daniel Granin was a writer-veteran who passed the Great Patriotic War. His literary career began in the 1940s. His works repeatedly won prizes and prizes of international importance.

An outstanding prose writer died in July last year at 98, this happened in the northern capital.

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