The resounding success of Philip Kirkorov turned into a scandal

Went to think about the idea? whom do you want to see in the lead roles in the second part? ???? #Repost @olya_alekseeva ??? Friends, since the clip “Color mood blue” hits all records on views – already more than 15 million ???????? and judging by the reaction, a huge number of people like it, and millions with a sense of humor all very well? ???? we made a decision – we must make a continuation ???????? Wait for #Color construction of the blue # super super-eclipse

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While Philip Kirkorov celebrated in Amsterdam 51 years and the success of the scandalous clip for the song “The color of mood blue”, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky was asked to deprive the performer of the title of People’s Artist. The author of the petition created in the Network insists that the sensational video discredited Kirkorov in the eyes of the population.

“This video production openly promotes dissolute and depraved behavior, the use of alcohol (including underage and underage people), and obscene language is used. The title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation” is appropriated, in particular, for the creation of highly artistic images that have made an outstanding contribution to the development and preservation of the national artistic culture, as well as the formation of a younger generation of artists. At the same time, it is not specified anywhere that after the assignment of the title the artist ceases to perform these functions. On the contrary, this is a big part and responsibility, because from now on the younger generation tries to equal this artist, and it is obvious that such an artist has a great influence on the world view of the broad masses, “reads the petition posted on the web.

The electronic document has already collected more than 5,000 signatures. Philip made a statement about how he relates to public protest. In Kirkorov’s personal microblog there was a post, where the singer stressed that both the song and the clip are very popular. Apparently, the created petition does not greatly excite the “king” of the pop scene.

“While they are struggling with me and collecting signatures under” petitions against my mood in blue “, our” mood in blue “managed to top the charts of Russia’s main charts and is gradually approaching the first place in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltics, which can not but rejoice, as well as the intersection of the 15-million mark on the views of the clip of the same name in Youtube! Thank you all! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the author of the song “The color of the mood blue” for this track and for that September Bulgarian last year’s evening in Varna, when I came to the post office this masterpiece and got into my right mood! “- Kirkorov writes.

The resounding success of Philip Kirkorov turned into a scandalNot on that attack: the leader of the “Culture” spoke about Yuri Duda

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