The founder of the group “Semantic hallucinations” sent the court to compulsory psychiatric treatment

The founder of the group "Semantic hallucinations" sent the court to compulsory psychiatric treatmentAccording to Burdin himself, the line from the hit for all time about “Forever young, eternally drunk” was invented by him

In the Moscow City Court in the near future should consider an appeal in the case of musician Vladimir Burdin, who in the late 80’s was one of the founders of the group “Meaningful Hallucinations.” According to Burdin himself, the line from the hit for all time about “Forever young, eternally drunk” was invented by him.

In general, Vladimir Burdin lives in Yekaterinburg. But last year he came to Moscow to visit his friends and got into a mess. I ransacked a store with a stranger. Both were underfoot. But Burdin at some point grabbed a kitchen knife in the economic department and stabbed his opponent in the stomach. It was lucky that he eventually survived. Burdin himself fled, but was soon caught.

– In January 2018, the materials went to court, “Ekaterina Krasnova, a spokeswoman for the Lefortovo court, told KP. – Burdin was charged under the article “Deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm”. The man admitted his guilt completely. A psychiatric examination was conducted, which recognized that at the time of the incident and to the present day Vladimir Burdin suffers from a chronic psychiatric disorder. The court ruled to release him from criminal liability and appoint compulsory treatment in a specialized psychiatric clinic.

Burdin assures us that in fact he does not have any psychiatry. Uralsky reporters, he said: allegedly his father in the 80’s tried to “otmazat” his son from the army, so he did not get into Afghanistan, and put in a psychiatric hospital. So, they say, the diagnosis made there for Burdin on life in papers and travels.

I must say that by the time when the cases of “Sense hallucinations” went uphill after the success of the movie “Brother 2” (it was released in 2000), Burdin was not in the group for a long time. In the 89th they teamed up with friends, but two years later Vladimir received a term for theft – along with his friend they dragged the sound reinforcement equipment from the music school. He served a year and a half. Came out. For a while he still played in the band, but sat down again. Again for theft – after the first time, “cleaned” other people’s apartments already systematically. He was in Krasnodar. It was there, he once told me, and came up with “Forever young, eternal drunk.” Not music, not couplets, but this is the line. It was a fragment of his some great text in a letter to a familiar girl, with whom the leader of the “Meaningful hallucinations” Sergei Bobunets communicated. Vladimir Burdin, however, claims no former comrade in the group. Recently I tried to build my own team, I wrote down something. But, as friends say, Burdin frankly slid down – he always drank, did not work anywhere.

For forced treatment Burdin does not want. He believes that with the diagnosis that psychiatrists put to him, it will be a lifelong one. In the Moscow City Court the date for considering his appeal has not yet been fixed.

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