The exhibition of the legend of American photography Leon Levinstein

The exhibition of the legend of American photography Leon Levinstein

In the Jewish Museum you can see photographs of Leon Levinstein – "the poet" New York streets. The American photographer devoted his creative life to a single city and its inhabitants: he composed a real biography of New York, capturing the fleeting moments of his life and making sure that these moments seemed to the viewer fresh and not killed.

Levinstein filmed New York as it is: with crowded streets, unsightly Harlemian corners and ordinary residents – old men, freaks, thick black women. The photographer often resorted to a major plan and framing, seeking an almost abstract, surrealistic form. Turned-out hands, strange or, conversely, maximally natural gestures fill the frames with dynamics and visual "surprises": Levinestein himself said that he wanted to take pictures of everyday things as if "just turned a corner and came across them (everyday things) for the first time in my life".

Leon Levinstein’s works rightly refer to one of the most important chapters in the history of American photography. To get acquainted with the master and his beloved city is possible from March 30 to May 20, the entrance to the exhibition is free.

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