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The Cult's Agenda

The Cult's Agenda

The exhibition came to Moscow from Yekaterinburg within the framework of the new inter-museum exchange program “Resident”, launched by VDNH this year in order to show all the best that is available in regional collections. The main theme of the exposition is industrial motives in the art of the Urals, shown through the works of such masters as Yuri Pimenov, Misha Brusilovsky, Oleg Korovin, Alexander Labas and Vitaly Volovich. The name came from the metallurgical industry and it turned out to be very symbolic. No wonder that the Ural Biennale, which was held last year with success and became a laureate of “Innovation”, was called industrial. The exhibition will be divided into several parts: the taming of nature by nature and the construction of the first five-year plans can be recognized by looking at the impressive panoramas of workshops and plants, monumental landscapes and sketches from the life of builders of a new future. On the mythology of the Urals and the famous fairy tales of Bazhov will be told in the hall given to the Ural artists of the 20th century. The “new era” of perestroika was reflected in the work of late Soviet artists, a separate room with archive photos and video materials will be dedicated to them. An important place at the exhibition will be occupied by the works of the famous Nevyansk icon-painting school, which arose in the Old Believers’ center of the Urals in the middle of the 18th century. All this splendor will come from the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, which is famous for its collection of avant-garde and naive art.

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