The actress-comedian told on the show how she was deprived of virginity in a dream

The actress-comedian told on the show how she was deprived of virginity in a dream


An important 36-year-old American actress, screenwriter, producer, stand-comedian Amy Schumer visited the show of Oprah Winfrey and contributed to the endless series of sorrowful penances.

According to the comedian, she was raped in her youth. Moreover, they deprived her of virginity. The actress noted: some of her jokes on this subject, which are well known to the viewer, are not fantasies, not artistic fiction, but the personal experience that she actually experienced.

A video fragment of a woeful interview is available at the official YouTube-channel show.

According to Sumer, rape is not necessarily some kind of extraneous man, leaping violently at you from the bushes. In most cases, your acquaintances and even close people act as sexual predators – boyfriends, and even husbands.

As Amy confessed, this was exactly what happened: her friend abused her. And the moment she slept. "I lost my virginity in a dream, and I would not say that this is abnormal", – analyzes the comedian.

She added that she included the story of this incident in her speeches in the hope that a couple of other male viewers will understand: if a girl is sleeping and does not resist, it does not mean that she by default agrees to intimacy.

The actress clarified that, as a result of the incident, she was extremely annoyed about her boyfriend, but did not bring the case to excess, when she realized that he, too, was upset by the situation. Although, undoubtedly, what happened is a real betrayal on the part of the person whom she trusted. And what happened is nothing more than a pure rape.

Sumer was born in 1981. Noted in comedies "Studio 30", "Louis", "Girls", "Manage your ardor", at "salt" "Inside Amy Schumer", which started on Comedy Central in 2013. Nominated for "Emmys". In 2016, she became the first woman in history to become one of the top ten most highly paid comedians.

June 7 in the Russian hire goes comedy "Pretty woman on the whole head" (I Feel Pretty), where Sumer played the main role.

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