Tatiana Kotova threw out the things of the ex-boyfriend from the balcony

A popular singer usually does not spoil revelations from her personal life. And let the fans at the “Miss Russia – 2006” take more than enough, and her beauty was appreciated even by the artist Nikas Safronov, being on the jury at one of the competitions, the girl always kept the names of her chosen ones in secret. The only thing that she managed to elicit from her in an interview is the general ideas about the man of dreams.

It turned out that Tatiana does not like boring pa-boys, and the most constant men jokingly calls monuments. A bright blonde prefers active and passionate people, like herself: “I am for change, not for treason. The person with whom you live, dream and breathe with the same air, must be different, and therefore always new – interesting “, the singer admits.

Tatiana Kotova threw out the things of the ex-boyfriend from the balconyPhoto: archive of press services

Did the performer mean by “different” vigorous clarification of relations or not, but more recently she was inside the real Spanish passions. Tatiana not only drove out the disliked man, but even threw his things from the balcony and sharply joked over the careless boyfriend. Fortunately such stormy incidents happened not in the personal life of the singer, but in her new video for the song AdiĆ³s! (“Goodbye!”).

“The #adios clip for me became the embodiment of the most favorite combinations. In every second, a passionate love for everything bright, sunny, positive, in Spanish hot and fiery. Easy humor, without vulgarity and sarcasm. In it everything: the movement of the wind, the nature of the rain, the swing of the skirt and the tenderness of the sun’s rays. I feel and so I live. Just like in the video, it’s really stormy and with a smile to the last frame, “the singer writes in her Instagram.

By the way, about social networks! April 26 Tatyana Kotova will be invited star editor of Instagram Wday.ru and will share with our subscribers fresh news. In the meantime, the hour X has not come, our editorial staff has made a playlist of the most cool tracks of the singer. You can listen to it here.

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