Svetlana Ivanova became a mother for the second time

Svetlana Ivanova became a mother for the second time

Svetlana Ivanova

Svetlana Ivanova, the 32-year-old star of the TV series “Pregnancy Test,” became a mother again. The actress gave the child to her civil husband, 56-year-old director Janik Faiziev, a charming baby. So far, the artist has not named the sex of the child. She left the post in Instagram. “The children are asleep, the mother is in happiness,” Ivanova signed laconically. Knowing that only the daughter of a movie star grew up, the fans took this message as a hint that now Svetlana has another baby.

Svetlana is recovering from childbirth. The actress and her chosen one accept numerous congratulations from relatives and friends. They wish a starry couple to grow up healthy and happy, to the joy of mom and dad.

In early April, the media spread information that the elected Svetlana was urgently hospitalized. Journalists wrote that Janika Faiziyeva was taken to the intensive care unit of one of the capital’s clinics. Later it turned out that these data do not correspond to reality. In the studio “Kit”, headed by Fayziev, they said that he continues to work. “Janik is in good health and is at his workplace and is sensitive to the process of post-production of the new film” The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead “, – the colleagues of the director and the producer reported. Fayziev himself added that at such a crucial moment, he simply does not have time to get sick.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

Svetlana Ivanova became a mother for the second timeSvetlana Ivanova and Janik Faiziev // Photo: PhotoXPress.en

Shortly before the replenishment in the family, Janika’s chosen wife Svetlana Ivanova left for Israel. Earlier, the couple’s friends told “StarHit” that the actress, most likely, will have a child in this country. “There are the best doctors, medicine at the highest level. But the main reason is that she wants to keep this joyful event in secret, so she decided to fly away from prying eyes, “sources said, surrounded by Ivanova and Fayziev.

In February, the stars began to gradually prepare for the appearance of the baby. Janik and Svetlana were quietly looking after furniture for children, clothes and other important things. The child preferred to keep the sex of the child in the strictest secrecy, even from the closest people. In the middle of January Ivanova went to Israel to congratulate her friend on her birthday, and from there the actress left for Jerusalem. It is possible that then Svetlana had time to visit the clinic, where she planned to give birth.

Being in an interesting position, Ivanova visited the program “Good Morning”, in which she told about the series “Badaber Fortress” with her participation. The actress appeared in front of the viewers with an impressive belly. Svetlana did not refuse from the invitation to the TV show “Evening Urgant”. The host congratulated the blonde with the upcoming replenishment in the family and found that she looks amazing.

Svetlana Ivanova and Janik Faiziev together for more than five years. The couple is not in a hurry to register a relationship. In 2012 Svetlana gave birth to a daughter Polina, whose father is called Faizieva.

Svetlana Ivanova became a mother for the second timePregnant Svetlana Ivanova visiting Ivan Urgant // Photo: frame of the program

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