Supernova: what you need to know about the triumphant MIFF 2018 Jan Ge

Supernova: what you need to know about the triumphant MIFF 2018 Jan GeJan Ge

Jan – this is actually a surname. In Chinese everything is the opposite: first comes the surname, and then the name. Therefore it is correct – Ge Yang. By the way. Against the “Russian version” – Jan Ge – the girl does not have anything. And she also has an affectionate nickname: the artistic director of Gogol Center Kirill Serebrennikov calls her Gash.

Yang Ge was born in Beijing. In Russia, the girl was right after school in 2009. At first there was Tula, where she, as part of a group of the best Chinese students, was preparing to enter one of the universities. The brunette pointed at the faculty of translation, but the creative nature took its own: Jan waved to Moscow, where she easily entered the VGIK for Solovyov’s course.

Director’s debut Jan Ge “blew” the Moscow International Film Festival 2018. As actress Yang Ge has long been held: in her account roles in the blockbuster Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”, in the “Crew” with Vladimir Mashkov and Danila Kozlovsky and scandalous “Matilde” Alexei Uchitel.

The picture “Nu” exposed the other side of her talent. The tape became the most discussed at the Moscow International Film Festival 2018 and brought the author special award InStyle.

Jan Ge with Spirale figurine from Baccarat

The budget of “Nu” is 0 rubles. The shooting took 1.5 years. In the arsenal of a very small team there was only 1 camera, 2 lenses and a lamp from Ikea. “Look at me: I’m so small and look so strange. Who would believe in me and give me money? “- Recollects the newly-made director.

Shot from the film “Nude”

On the eve of filming, Jan Ge wanted to leave Russia. “I was disappointed in love and Russian men”, – she explains that impulse. Now, after the furore “Nu”, everything is different: “Now I see that there are people here who I still need”.

Jan Ge can be seen on the stage of Gogol Center. A wonderful Chinese woman – her man in this theater from 2013. She has roles in the performances “Without fear” and “Harms. Myr. “

She also sings. The first application for success Jan Ge made as a music performer – first in the show “Minute of Fame”, where she sang with Sergei Mazaev, and then at the contest “New Wave” and in the sixth season of the show “The Voice” (the girl was in the team of Dima Bilan) . In 2016, she recorded a duet with Ilya Lagutenko: their song “Plombir” became the soundtrack to the comedy “Fir-5”.

In February 2018, Ian Ge released her own hit – it’s called “Monk”. The first album, entitled “A Man Is Not Out of the Earth” (an error in the preposition is admitted specifically – approx. Ed. InStyle) is also almost ready. He was due out in March, but due to the premiere of “Nu” release had to be postponed. In the meantime, Ge promises to release a small collection of soundtracks for the film “Nu”.

Jan Ge adores fashion. She collects glasses and shoes (in her wardrobe more than 70 pairs). She also has enough outfits: they no longer fit in the closet, so she keeps some of it … under the couch.

Supernova: what you need to know about the triumphant MIFF 2018 Jan Ge

Supernova: what you need to know about the triumphant MIFF 2018 Jan Ge

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