Successful Russia!

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They say that…

Successful Russia!

«I want to be the most-presamoy beautiful and again for “Forbes” rich.

“To love” someone who has 5 lyams a day. ” (c) Freaks

… such a mood board in the mirror of the soul.

At that beautiful, talented and full empathy and kindness of the lady, whose “agricultural project” is still not … emm, ripanetsya, despite the mantras, alco and tantra “one familiar in the industry.”

It is interesting, by the way, about which industry is written to us / you / them by this kisser lobyzatelnitsa and novice writer (nitsa). I hope that in the next vy., Oh, dialogue Tsyp-kurlyk-pkin will explain for … shmot, i.e. for domestic high fashion with low social responsibility. And forever not drying up Rosneftetutka in turn daringly and huskily respond to these kitechnye kreatieffy regular chi-hi-ha-ha quote from the Soviet kinoklassiki. Well, “Dnoprobivayer” and “Mudakler”, as usual, will measure the thickness of envelopes, which they bring the best people in the country to stimulate the editorial languages ​​of these publications before the forthcoming savory verbal anilingus of the main characters of fresh, new, classrooms. Meow.

And quite beautiful! But this time in the postsarine posts there will be no Watch the throne and Paris, but Beyoncé ft. Jay Z with a great “Drunk in love“, Although Ye in the clip, too, by the way, is (spoiler: at once in two Easter eggs).

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