Stars with children: 10 touching photos for the week

Stars with children: 10 touching photos for the week

The publication of Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova (@ mariapoga_) 1 May-2018 10:25 PDT

Stars with children: 10 touching photos for the week

“On T. V. on Lechly, and now the nurse to help the dumplings to mold,” wrote Maria in his post on Instagram. The blonde was referring to the recent participation in a TV program of her youngest son, 7-year-old Alexis. Then the boy scored a goal in the gate that “protected” well-known commentator Dmitry Guberniev.

At the may, the singer flew to the sea with his youngest son. But not to rest but to work. “I was in Turkey four concerts, and today I just decided to go with Hector not to be separated.” She traveled to Kiev and Minsk, our grandmothers. . ” Now Anna has to work because of the difficult period in life: ex-husband wants to sue her middle daughter.

This week, the majority said the eldest daughter of a skater Tatiana Navka, Alexander. With this wonderful holiday touching her little sister Nadia. “Sashulya, you’re 18 – you do not!” Adulthood opens the door. Serious, responsible very you, but only with me.

Igor Nikolaev crazy about my two-year old Veronica, it is not surprising the girl so much like him. Like father, like daughter – both curly blondes with thick, luxurious hair. Igor and his wife, Julia rarely post my face of crumbs, and this is a photograph of Veronica is depicted in profile.

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Dwarf Gnomic got into the tale, and certainly did not regret that the parents gave him a funny nickname – but now he can feel at home! But seriously, Yana Rudkovskaya went with his family to Paris, along the way, we stopped in Disneyland. In this photo, producer son pose in front of the famous Cinderella castle.

Pregnant Svetlana Loboda with her daughter Eva is now in America. The singer is preparing for childbirth and at the same time having a good time. For example, in this photo, the daughter and mother are happy, because you’re going to the concert. Justin Timberlake. “Bow lips, eyebrows house.” It’s about us. Eva be serious in the photo refused, “wrote the artist.

Stars with children: 10 touching photos for the week

This post has been collected over a million views. Still, after mi-mi-lichnosti photo is off the charts! Enrique one hand holds a smiling baby, which is held by the hand for the t-shirt of the Pope. “I can not believe you’re mine” – touching has signed a frame Enrique Iglesias. Nicholas and Lucy in December 2017. The singer and tennis player Anna Kournikova became the parents of twins.

What about our stellar selection? On this lovely frame, Kaled Kardashian, who leads the street by the leash fluffy dog ‚Äč‚Äčnamed Sushi.

Lena Kuletskaya boasted the accomplishments of his little daughter: no Nike and two years, and she’s already very confident “Of course I help her sometimes, especially when you have to get the soup from the bottom of the dish, but 80% of Nika eats itself”, – told followers of Lena. Soon the family centerfolds expected completion: recently became aware of the pregnancy kuletskoy.

The star of the show, the team spent in the countryside, in nature. And, of course, in the company of his beloved – year-old son, Miroslav, with whom the actress was photographed at a pond. “And ducks fed, and himself not forgotten.” Why all the kids are so fond of bread? ” – posted by Anna Mikhailovskaya.

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