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Simple rules | ecopost

It’s me again)

I hope not too much aropostale. Just now have the time and mood to do combos!

Simple rules | ecopost

I want to tell you about some ecoprofile in my life. I shall warn that I’m not a complete ecovic)) Complete I probably will never be. I sometimes buy stuff online, buying books, throwing out the old shoes in the General trash (shoes in the world is not enough where processed) and do some other irresponsible actions. I to Zero Waste like walking to the moon.

Simple rules | ecopostSo, ecoprofile (those that remember). Some many years, some fresher)

1. I never take plastic bags. Never and nowhere. At all.

Simple rules | ecopost

I always carry a bag or two. I could be in the hands of something to the drag, but the package will not take)

Simple rules | ecopost

Rarely, but take small bags to pack the dirty-dirty like onions and potatoes. And then I have this bag I’ll still use the same bow and then something in him sort. Such bags are still used by many bakeries in the General, I try to get rid of them

Yes, there are the biodegradable – they are certainly better than usual. But we must remember that their production and delivery.

And in General XS as they bioresource. My sister’s daughter, where she collected plastic bottles before you throw them into the net. He recently began to crumble. Was that a biodegradable package. He was of Tunisian store. In Tunisia, we were more than 15 years ago it is clear that in the soil the decomposition process is faster, but I do not think 15 times.

2. I have completely refused the dishwashing tools and my dishes mustard. Here’s a

Simple rules | ecopost

I’ve been to this was)) it seemed to me that the game was the mustard in the 21st century, when so much of specifics and in General.

But once I bought the mustard powder and decided to try)) I Think – well, do not go, you can always buy a new bottle of media)

Washed the dishes great. The next day we had to wash the pan I think, well the pan just will not wash. 02 HDPE, which is not very convenient to recycle – has become less. But the mustard is in a convenient cardboard eco package)

Simple rules | ecopost3. I do not use disposable batteries. At all.

Now we have, however, throughout the city – the eco-boxes for batteries and light bulbs. But you need to remember that the batteries are very polluting.

I used to have a number of techniques, which worked on batteries – I use rechargeable. Then, when it became necessary.

4. I try to recycle them. Well, something like that.

In General, follow the rules

Simple rules | ecopost

Reduce – to reduce the consumption. Buy what you really need. Possible without packaging. Or packaging that can be recycled. This principle interacts very well with my minimalist and the bad with my mom))

Reuse – to use purchased again and again. This also applies to packaging. For example, I do not refuse paper bags made of recycled paper, but use them to sort the garbage at home.

The good things that we do not need. It is also reuse)

Well, the obvious Recycle – take all that you can for processing

5. Bike)

Simple rules | ecopost

Do not know how to relate that to my coprincipal)) I just love to ride a bike)

And at the same time it is very eco-friendly) it’s a Pity that is available all year round.

6. I try to ‘buy local’.

Simple rules | ecopost

First and foremost it is about food, of course. Gossip girl from Ufa – where to buy? I, for example, when he returned to Ufa immediately discovered Alexis, and all suffered in Moscow Hut) Alekseevskiy range to Hut does not hold, of course, but they have great milk, and vegetables with herbs too.

7. When I worked in the office, I tried to print only important documents (those that are on the signature and the seal). Necessary, but unimportant, I was typing on the drafts. I use drafts for notes, studying, etc. If there is an empty space, I was there first, writes something, and then, when unnecessary, will pass for processing)

Simple rules | ecopost

8. I rarely buy coffee from the other, but when you take the plastic cover (it is plastic 06 ps, which is Moscow and St. Petersburg, almost anywhere for recycling not accepted).

Cups then give mom for sprouts)) the next step is reusable mug) All hands do not reach to choose and buy.

Simple rules | ecopost9. I use one handle))

Simple rules | ecopost

Buy her rods and all) Have to fight with disposable world in all its manifestations

10. I use the Burr / cups these days. Here in General the same story as with the bike – first of all, I find it very convenient. Well, as a nice bonus – it’s very eco-friendly)

Simple rules | ecopostWhat you ecoprofile? Maybe something interesting? )

I would like here, in addition to reusable mugs for coffee, go to the bamboo toothbrushes – has anyone used it, if so, what?

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