Sergey Davydchenko: “The reaction of the public is very important to me”

Sergey Davydchenko: "The reaction of the public is very important to me"

Sergey Davydchenko

Member of Grand Piano Competition 13-year-old Sergey Davydchenko came to the competition without parents, but with a teacher.

About how the pianist began to study music, and what is for the contestant the criterion for a successful performance, he told after the execution of the program of the first round.

– Sergey, tell me, who is supporting you in the contest?

– Two of my teachers support me. This professor of the Rostov Conservatory Sergei Osipenko and Tatiana B. Levadnaya, which I was in the city of Mineralnye Vody.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.
Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

– Did your parents listen to your performance?

– Unfortunately, they could not come. Nevertheless, they support me, they watch my performances on the record.

– What is the criterion for a successful performance?

– The reaction of the public is very important to me. The main thing that she liked – this is for me the most important.

– In the final you have to play a concert. Do you often play with the orchestra?

– Yes, and I really love it. It seems to me that now the main skill of a pianist is to play with the orchestra.

– And how did you start studying music?

– It is quite standard – my mother brought me to school. She’s a musician, and we worked together.

– What are your expectations from the competition?

– Of course, I’m counting on winning, as otherwise.

– Thank you! Sergei, we wish you that your expectations are justified. Good luck!

Born in 2004, she began training at the preparatory courses at the college named after Safonov Stavropol (Tatiana class Levadny).

Member of the XI International Youth Contest named after Safonov (Pyatigorsk, 2015 Grand Prix), the name of the International X Karamanov contest (Simferopol, 2015 I of the prize), XI International competition “The Path to Mastery” (Rostov-on-Don, 2016 Grand Prix at), XVII International television competition “nutcracker” (Moscow, 2016, I premium spectator award), IV International competition Astana Piano Passion (2017, I prize).

Member AMMERSEErenade festivals (Ammersee, Germany, 2017), “Stars on Baikal” (Irkutsk, 2017), “the Mariinsky – Vladikavkaz” (Vladikavkaz, 2017), “Faces of modern pianism” (St. Petersburg, 2017).

In 2017 he entered the Secondary Special Music School at the Rostov Conservatory (Sergei Osipenko’s class).

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Interviewed by Natalya Poddubnyak

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