Scientists are close to creating a vaccine against all viruses

The new super-medicine will deprive the viruses of the ability to grow, multiply and spread around, causing epidemics.

Scientists are close to creating a vaccine against all viruses

Influenza vaccines have been used for a long time, but some questions still arise to their effectiveness. In some cases, they do not give the desired effect. Scientists from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the United States, long working on improving existing vaccines, are close to creating a more sustainable vaccination.

Currently, the principle of vaccines is based on the fact that they affect hemagglutinin – a protein that is located on the surface of the virus particle. According to The Deccan Chronicle, American scientists came to the conclusion that if the vaccine directs its destructive effect on the neuraminidase enzyme, its effectiveness is rapidly increasing.

Neuraminidase is located inside the virus, in its shell. And when the vaccine begins to work, it helps to produce certain antibodies that secrete and label dangerous pathogens – so that the immune system quickly recognizes them and removes them from the body.

Accordingly, viruses do not have the ability to grow and multiply, and spread around, causing epidemics. It is hoped that in the near future this knowledge will allow specialists to create a super-vaccine capable of preventing large-scale diseases among people.

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