Scandal! Konstantin Khabensky has sharply responded to a question of the journalist

Scandal! Konstantin Khabensky has sharply responded to a question of the journalistKonstantin Khabensky

A couple weeks ago, Konstantin Khabensky (46) presented his directorial debut – a film “Sobibor”. The film is based on the real events of the Sobibor, which raised the successful revolt against the Nazis.

Constantine himself is now actively engaged in the promotion of the picture, holding press conferences in different cities of the country. Recently, at one of these events there was a scandal. The actor strongly reacted to a journalist’s question during a meeting in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. “Here sits the public is invited, prepared, and that will come when the public is another, popcorn, Coca-Cola and so forth?”, – asked the woman.

The Director stood up, took the microphone and responded to sharply to a journalist. “What are you worried about?” What do you mean? “What do you mean? m quick to respond! “I asked a vested interest in your question!” Why do you think that you are more empathetic than the generation before you, than the generation that came? “- asked Constantine.

After the actor apologized and encouraged to think about those for whom this is intended this painting. “We need to create the runway, I can not call it.” Let’s talk about what we communicate, who we will communicate with, and who will take care of us after some time. , otherwise, it’s useless, “said the Director.

Video see here.

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