Sasha Plushenko got his first gold medal

Sasha Plushenko got his first gold medal

Yesterday in Moscow, there were important competitions in figure skating, in which young children took part. The pupils of his academy also took part in the “Evgeni Plushenko Cup”. They won as many as 4 medals out of 21 possible – three “bronzes” and one “gold.” Needless to say, the main award went to 5-year-old Sasha Plushenko?

“Such a competition – for children in 2011, 2012 and 2013 – in Moscow is the first time, – says Evgeni Plushenko. In my childhood, I could only dream of such medals. Almost like the Olympic! Each is made by hand. 114 kids went out on the ice to prove that they are the best of the best. “

The winner in single women’s skating was a resident of Kazan, 5-year-old Ilina Askarova. Her “gipsy” on the ice completely fascinated all the judges. Nobody doubts that it is the future of our country.

“Gold” in single men’s skating went to Sasha Plushenko. Of course, this victory caused a lot of controversy on the web. Allegedly all the competitions were organized precisely for the boy to have a medal. But is the scope too large? Again, people forget how much work young Plushchenko puts into their workouts. He spends a few hours a day at the rink, is engaged in gymnastics, general physical training – and all this, instead of spending hours watching cartoons or playing on a tablet. In addition, the boy is literally “sick” in figure skating. From the ice it is taken every time almost with tears.

However, all this for people is not an indicator of success. Someone recalled the recent scandal about the education of a young sports star. “No, he would not have received the medal, because otherwise his mother straps him – and into the dark room!” There is a story about how in an interview with Yana Rudkovskaya told about some methods of raising children.

Meanwhile, while the web was heated up arguments and quarrels between subscribers of the star family, Sasha himself thanked everyone, thanks to whom he won the competition.

“Thanks to my team! We did it! Thanks to the coaches and dad for your faith in me! I’m happy that I have so many friends who support me! “- he” wrote “in a personal blog, which is led by his mother, Yana Rudkovskaya.

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