Samira Wiley (“the handmaid’s Tale,” “Orange – hit of the season”): “Rape is the most horrible event in the life of a woman”

Samira Wiley ("the handmaid's Tale," "Orange - hit of the season"): "Rape is the most horrible event in the life of a woman"

Recall that the series "The handmaid’s tale" based on the novel by the canadian writer Margaret Atwood in 1985 and tells the story of a fictional totalitarian state of Gilead, that emerged on the territory of the United States. The new government came to power religious fanatics who are constantly at war with neighbouring countries. The main problem of Gilead is a sharp decrease of women. To solve the problem, the ruling elite collects all the fertile women in the country and turns them into servants in wealthy homes, turning their virtual incubators for nurturing offspring.

We were able to chat with one of the most inaccessible Actresses who starred in an already legendary TV series, – Samira Wiley:

– Samira when he started to shoot the second season, your feelings were different from what you experienced on the set first?

– It was exciting, because we, those who worked on the series, of course, think it’s cool. But we can not know how to take his audience. There is a feeling that you’re doing something big, what they say on every corner. Filming of the second season added a sense of giperatidnosti when you have no mistakes, show history in the right way. To be sure that you give the audience what they came and what they are in this series. And continue to follow this principle.

And, Yes, the pressure increased, especially given all the prizes and awards received by this "The handmaid’s tale". It sounds now – “guys, we must do it again”.

Samira Wiley ("the handmaid's Tale," "Orange - hit of the season"): "Rape is the most horrible event in the life of a woman"Samira at the presentation of the second season

– The worst thing had to face Moira in Gilead?

– From the point of view of my heroine. But I think that for Moira (Moira, as Samira Wiley is gay – Approx. Red) and other lesbian women of this shame is indescribable, and the worst thing that could happen to you. For any woman, and of course for women, not having sex with men is not even on their own, I think it’s just awful. I think this is the worst thing that had to go through Moira.

– Moira in the second season in Canada?

– Yes, Moira will be there. She’s back together with Luke. And they have to create a makeshift family and move to Canada in a place called Little America.

She gets a job at the Embassy, ​​as she is so deeply affected by her first stay in Canada. For that she is ready to do any work and helps the refugees in the refugee Center.

When you begin to take, Moira as a refugee, then rejoice in how great it is displayed. She managed to escape and now she is in a new place. As a refugee, you realize how it really sucks because you do not know the country. You away from your people. And for her, as we see, begins in this madhouse, when she manifests all the good and bad that is associated with the refugee status.

– From sexism to the refugees. You had to star in another series ("Orange – hit of the season"), also rich important topics. A choice that you have to do with the actress has a political motivation?

– You know, I was, sitting here, to answer in the affirmative. But I think, for me as an actress, the determining factor in the project is the soul of the heroine. This is the first and most important thing, although, of course, important and the project itself. For me, in terms of the attractiveness of the important, just the soul of the heroine. What was going on. And already reading the script, I ask myself if I’m able to breathe life into your character.

If the answer "no" I will not do it, because I could not do it. But I really was very, very lucky with the projects in which I participated, which, as they say, have a decisive influence on the spiritual qualities of the person.

Samira Wiley ("the handmaid's Tale," "Orange - hit of the season"): "Rape is the most horrible event in the life of a woman"

In the series "Orange – hit of the season"

– The series is very dark, but the theme of equality between men and women in society. Do you see in this story are bright glimpses of hope.

– In the last episode of the first season, in the scene of the escape I was pursued by drones. In General, fly. It was a moment of crazy joy associated with the escape of Moira in Canada. This is a story about survival. This is a story about perseverance. I think people usually focus on the bleakness of the story, but our main underlying idea is the call to hope.

– Was it pride, or surprise, when you saw the pictures of people in costumes? What feelings do you want?

– It was a pleasant surprise. You know, when doing something, no matter what, always hoping that the result will impress someone who will see him. At least one, and better than many. Wish they spoke on the topic, which until then would not speak.

So see how your show was affected by the whole world, even Hillary Clinton was quoted … All of it is overwhelms me, and for me it is a great pride.

– You will star in the TV series, which is involved a lot of women. What do you think, does the woman in the TV more important and actually more interesting?

– Yes, I am happy to work in projects "The handmaid’s tale" and "Orange – hit of the season" surrounded by such a large number of women, clothed with impact (almost all of the Creator of these hit soap operas – women – Approx. Red.). I feel both naive, and happy.

I think it’s a reflection of our time. You know, thank God that I work at such a time. After working with us,.


In Russia, the series can be viewed from 27 April on Fridays at 22.00 on the TV channel ViP Premiere.


In the second season "The handmaid’s tale" there will be more pain

Of the book, for the second time, the award in 2017 the main and most prestigious TV award. As was stated in the new series, viewers "beautiful" not so "far".

Margaret Elwood, which took an active part in the creation of the first season, not left without attention and participation of a sequel. A writer once told the creators of their ideas, which is filled with "The handmaid’s tale" repeatedly met with Elisabeth moss (Redova), long told the actors about what she sees Gilead: "I need to be involved in politics, we are all in uncharted territory and we expect a lot of inventions". (read more)

The handmaid’s tale season 2.The second season starts on 27 April at the VIP

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