Roman Kostomarov planted a young son behind the wheel

Roman Kostomarov planted a young son behind the wheelRoman Kostomarov

Figure skaters Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina raise two children: seven-year-old Anastasia and two-year-old Ilya. Famous sportsmen regularly publish in the Network the family life frames.

Roman is a caring father who spends a lot of time with children. The skater published a picture with the child at the wheel. Kostomarov told the fans that he had decided to teach the child how to drive, from an early age.

“Little by little I teach my son to park!” As it burns his eyes behind the wheel, it seems, he will soon carry me and teach! “- said the figure skater.

Roman Kostomarov planted a young son behind the wheelAthlete with a future racing driver

Fans of the figure skater left behind a lot of approving comments. “Both the daughter and the son are so similar to you”, “Cool!”, “Handsome men!”, “Kostomarovs, grow big, beautiful and happy! I love very much, “” Soon, Roman will have to buy a car for his son, “the fans noted.

Let’s remind, the family of sportsmen has born a lot of tests on a way to the happiness. Until 2013 Roman and Oksana were in a civil marriage. January 2, 2011 skaters first became parents. The couple had a daughter Anastasia. However, at the end of the year Domnina reported about the parting with Kostomarov and the ensuing romance with the partner in the show “Ice Age” – actor Vladimir Yaglych. Soon Oksana left the artist and returned to the figure skater. In April 2014 Domnina and Kostomarov legalized the relationship and married in the church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi. According to Roman, their moral principles with Oksana changed after the sacred ceremony.

“Everyone chooses ways out of difficult situations. But I would not advise anyone and did not want such a separation, as it was in our case, “the skater admitted in an interview.

Recall Oksana and Roman for a long time hid from the general public the news that they are preparing to become parents for the second time. Only once did the skater mention that they dream of another child. In January 2016, the couple had a son, Ilya.

The famous athlete reported that over the years he and his wife learned not only to listen, but also to hear each other. Idyll of family relations are confirmed by photos of lovers with children on the web.

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