Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky have settled with the debts

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky have settled with the debtsRita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky first became parents at the end of last year. The couple had a charming daughter Mia. The singer devotes all her time to raising her child, but she has time to communicate with her followers. She and her husband also take off the tax that goes to YouTube.

In one of the latest issues Rita said that they had to make great efforts with their husbands to pay their debts. The couple bought an apartment in a mortgage. As the singer said, they slightly reduced their expenses. In addition, the parents help them to nurse their daughter.

“To the question of why we lived the way we lived. The people wrote and asked why we live in an ordinary “odnushka”, for example. That is why! Then we moved to the dacha to our parents, which allowed us to save both on renting a house and on a nanny. Be aware, if you have such options, they must be used by all means! Now we feel indescribable feelings! It’s fucking awesome! Freedom! No credits, no parents! That is, we love our parents, but we want to live separately. We will not say what this sum is. But we pushed – and managed to pay everything. We are happy and all advise: work harder, cover the mortgage. Now we have our own hut in Moscow “- the star shared.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky have settled with the debts

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

Recall that earlier the couple had to make repairs in the house of Vlad’s parents, as they lived with them. However, now the guys are looking for a designer who will help them equip an apartment in Moscow.

“In the spring, repairs will begin in our five-room apartments in the center of Moscow, we recently bought them. Here we will turn around: we’ll hire a designer, we’ll buy something from interior items in Bali – we like to go there. When we say to friends that we have moved out of town, it seems to everyone that we have an estate and a luxurious mansion here. No, it’s not like that: we are simple guys and live in an ordinary house, “Rita told StarHit.

So far, Sokolovsky and Dakota live in a rented cottage in the suburbs. “They take pictures while their apartment is being repaired. How many will live, it is not clear. We left our parents, because it was very far to travel “, – the representative of celebrities Elena shared.

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