Ravshana Kurkova is waiting for Dating with family

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Ravshana Kurkova is waiting for Dating with family

Ravshana Kurkova and so very like her mother, a famous actress and Director Before Kabaevu. They have the same features, starting with the shape, ending shape of the lips and nose. Just never was so thin as her daughter. And, of course, he is younger than my mom. Kubayeva gave birth to his daughter at the age of 19. Now Kurkovas is already 37, and her mother, 56, so that with age the lines are blurring. And, though it looks much younger than his years, every year it becomes more and more like the mother.

Recently Kurkova took part in the next fashion shoot. It is no secret that it is not only good actress. And at a photo shoot, she was asked to try on a new look: with bangs and glasses. This image is immediately added Ravshan ten years.

Ravshana Kurkova is waiting for Dating with family

“This photo has become my mother’s copy!” – not without pleasure, said the actress.

From Ravshan Before a great relationship, they are not just a mother and daughter, but real friends. And they have nothing in common with what was described in the film “About love.” For adults only, “in which they both played. In the story the heroine Ravshan can not arrange his personal life, because it interferes with the mother. She gives her daughter. However, all this is going on in the girl’s head, but it’s the best reveals of all her fears and resentment towards the parent.

Ravshana Kurkova is waiting for Dating with familyPhoto: @rav_shana Instagram Ravshan Kursovoy

Ravshana Kurkova recently seriously alarmed friends and fans. The actress showed the photo in his face in bruises and abrasions.Subscribers, of which Ravshan almost 1.5 million, did not realize that the artist demonstrates makeup for the shoot and had pretty jittery. “Oh my God … what happened?”, “What a mess, who is that?”, “This looks bad, need to see a doctor!” – wrote Kursovoy.

By the way, he knew that the makeup looks very plausible, so pre-warned my mom so she was not worried with the others. “Mom, I’m fine!” the actress said in the comments to the realistic portrait.

The photo was taken at the filming of “The brave ones“Rousanou in the title role.” The film now takes place in Europe With her engaged in the film Gosha Kutsenko By the way, for this role Kurkovas had to learn the basics of unarmed combat and firing weapons. role of “bad girls”.

It is worth noting that after partaking with the Ilia state planning committee. Bachurin last spring, he threw himself into work. The actress takes a break with the family. Bachurin after the break with Kurkovas long mourned. A couple of months he moved in with the new darling Hope Sysoeva, where, according to rumors, is ready to marry.

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