Pugachev I beg you to protect her granddaughter from Volochkova

Pugachev I beg you to protect her granddaughter from VolochkovaKristina Orbakaite with her daughter Claudia

Pugachev I beg you to protect her granddaughter from VolochkovaAnastasia

Over the past few years the reputation of Anastasia was seriously injured. Then, someone who is carrying her escort services, she will flash the scandal with the staff of the house of ballerina, then she will tell about her new ex-husband. And candid shots and frequent showdown with the enemies in the Network. But once she was a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theater and had a worldwide recognition. In the ballet she really was the best, despite the fact that Volochkova has a rather high height for a ballerina.

In a recent interview, Christina Aguilera, whose daughter is a ballet dancer, spoke about the fact that Claudia saw a surge in growth. Changes can not be achieved. However, Orbakajte hopes that my daughter will achieve success. In conversation with reporters, she said: “When I studied ballet, I was immediately warned that I would be hard, because there is no partner, tall, strong.” And that the best dancers are extremely difficult. “An example of this is Ilze Liepa, Anastasia Volochkova, who came out in such a free navigation … In repertory theaters a bit hard … “

Anastasia found out about it and decided to offer the family Orbakajte their help. The other day she wrote to Alla Pugacheva that is ready to take up training Claudia. “The happiness of your family!” But if Claudia need help with ballet, I am always ready! ” – publicly appealed to Pugacheva Volochkova. She probably should have an anastasia in her personal account. Now the prima Donna begging not to let Volochkova close to the children. Haters wrote Alla Borisovna ugly details of the life of Anastasia and warned that the former prima will supply the Keyboard is a bad example of behavior.

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