Pregnant Anna Khilkevich lost weight control

Pregnant Anna Khilkevich lost weight controlPhoto: @annakhilkevich Instagram Anna Khilkevich

Pregnant Anna Khilkevich worries about her figure. In April of this year, the actress told that she is preparing to become a mother for the second time. Recently, the actress and her family flew to Turkey to rest, where, despite the abundance of delicious and high-calorie food, they try to keep themselves in “an iron grip”. But the food restrictions do not save Khilkevich from prompt and excessive weight gain.

In her microblogging, Anna confessed that she was very worried about what was growing “in breadth”. Comparing with the first pregnancy, for which the actress scored 20 extra pounds, Khilkevich notes: this time she was not ready for the fact that so much will grow stout.

“Everything, I began to grow in breadth, and all 360 degrees! Maybe, of course, with the previous pregnancy was also (after all, on the basis of Ree, I scored 20 kg), but this time I can not psychologically accept fast-growing sides, ass and everything else, – complains Anna. “I do not get into clothes, everything is strange, only the belly is happy.” And the sweet pulls terribly. In addition, I naively thought that in the summer it would be easier in everything. And, behold, my husband laughs at my experiences and calls me my favorite pooh! “

Pregnant Anna Khilkevich lost weight control

Photo: @annakhilkevich Instagram Anna Khilkevich

It is worth noting that after the first pregnancy, Khilkevich returned to the old form quite quickly, so friends in social networks urge her not to worry about excess weight. By the way, fans in the comments express a version that Anna is so worried about the raging hormones, since in reality she looks quite slim for the girl in “waiting.”

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