Plans for the weekend of May 4-6: Feduk’s concert, movie nights at Lumiere Hall and Garage Sale

Plans for the weekend of May 4-6: Feduk's concert, movie nights at Lumiere Hall and Garage Sale


Weather is what! So we do not advise you to stay at home. By tradition, they gathered the main events of the coming weekend.

Feduk in the Pre-party Hall

Today, the co-author of the most popular song of last summer will perform in the Pre-party Hall of the Korston Hotel. All the fans of “Pink wine” to be!

Tickets: 1500r.

Address: Kosygina, 15, Korston Hotel, 21 floor

Exhibition of photos Dolce Vita in the Pomegranate yard

You still have a chance to catch the first paparazzi Marcello Geppetti. Sensational shots can be seen on May 5 in the exhibition center of the Garnet Yard.

Tickets: from 200r.

Address: Moscow, st. Spiridonovka, d. 3-5

Cinema of May in Lumiere-Hall

In the creative space of Lumiere Hall, the season began for fans of good films and sleepless nights. And on May 5 there will be shown pictures with an unpredictable finale: “Beginning”, “Game”, “Sixth Sense”. Do not miss!

Tickets: from 350r.

The beginning: 11:30

Address: st. Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, 36, building 24

“This disco of the 90’s”

The organizers of this party in Bar-Café 25:45 confidently state that they have a time machine that can carry you to the 90’s. Check it out?

Free admission

Address: st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 5

Concert of the Glory of the CPSU (he is the Purulent)

On May 5, the “Theater” club will host a rapper concert, which in August 2017 surprised everyone by winning the Versus Battle against Oksimiron (33). And now Slava (27) has prepared a new program and is ready to show it to you.

Beginning: 7:00 pm

Tickets: from 800r.

Address: Barclay Street, Building 6, Building 2

Quests in Reality Enigma

And if you’re not a fan of concerts, parties and movies, but you like to tickle your nerves and solve logical problems, then you here. Quests from the authors of the Higher League of KVN definitely will not get bored, choose any!

Entrance: from 5000r.

Address: st. Luzhnetskaya naberezhnaya, 2/4, building 29

Concert “Sounding canvases. Van Gogh”

Especially for fans of classical music and Vincent Van Gogh. Pictures of the great artist come to life with the music of Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi. And after the concert you will receive a guided tour as a gift.

Start: 5 May 21:00

Tickets: from 400r.

Address: пер. Starosadsky, 7/10, p. 10

Opening of the observation platform of the Moscow-City MIBC

May 6, you will have the opportunity to visit the highest viewing platform of the country PANORAMA360 – the top of the tower “Federation-East”. This chance is in no way impossible to miss, because from there you can see the dress rehearsal of the Victory Parade.

Tickets: from 600r.

When: May 6 10: 00-12: 30

Where: nab. Presnenskaya, 12, Moscow International Business Center “Moscow City”, Federation-East Tower, floor 89.

Garage Sale

For all lovers of cozy verandas, flea markets and music. On 6 May in Powerhouse the second Garage Sale «All my friends».

Free admission

Address: Гончарная ул. 7/4

Concert of the group # 2Mash in St. Petersburg

And if suddenly you scored on everything and went to St. Petersburg for all of May, we found entertainment for you. A large solo concert of the group # 2 Masha at the club Zal. Masha will perform their best hits and, of course, novelties.

Tickets: from 1500 r.

Address: St. Petersburg, nab. Obvodny Canal, 118, TRC “Varshavsky Express”.

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