“Pity” is a great Greek film from the screenwriter of “Lobster”

May 5 summer program Garage Screen opens with a screening of “Pity” programs “Sundance” and Rotterdam.

“But I have only pity, pity to myself,” following the group “Cut down trees” could sing the protagonist of the Greek film “Pity”, but singing will not help, and the flow of compassion from others cupcakes) must be constantly maintained. The wife of the hero in the coma, and therefore, neighbors, colleagues, sellers of nearby shops, familiar and unfamiliar, each in his own way, I feel sorry for her almost orphaned family: husband, son, dog. Son with a dog in emotional blackmail are not included, but the head of the family begins to experience empathy from strangers.

"Pity" is a great Greek film from the screenwriter of "Lobster"

The Director of “Pity” Babis Makridis continues his film Greek “weird wave”, the most famous of which remains the author of “Fang” and “the Lobster” yorgos of lanthimos. “Pity” and written by Optimism Filippou, co-writer of these films, as well as any aggregator of preferences, I would definitely recommend it in the case of “if you liked these Greek movies. ” There is a cold cruelty of the ancient rock, the precision of visual solutions, the unexpected somersaults of the human psyche, the ethical shifters. “Sorry” explores not only the mechanics of grief, how the mechanics of the expression of this grief, not emotions themselves, and their signs. What do we do when sorry? When we accept condolences? When grieving? When manipulated? In this sense, full-fledged co-sponsors of this smart, subtle film, his actors, in his drawings nastavuje one motivation to another. The relationship between the two actor’s approaches, experiences and views in “Pity” – and the reception, and the theme of the film.

"Pity" is a great Greek film from the screenwriter of "Lobster"

In the “Garage”, “Shame” will be shown after the last “Sundance” American premiere, held at the festival in Rotterdam European. The show will be the first in “Premiere” in which all summer on Saturdays will be on the big screen to see festival hits. Other headings Garage Screen – “Debut” (collected here are the first films of the famous directors, eg, may 10, will show “Bottle rocket” Wes Anderson), “Experimentation” and “the Origins and Influence” (Sunday, May 6, in this section, will be shown a restored “playtime” by Jacques Tati.

"Pity" is a great Greek film from the screenwriter of "Lobster"

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