“Pink hair, makeup in the nude style”: Irina Ponarovskaya returned to Russia and completely changed her image

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The amount of passion and love Irina Ponarovskaya, which survived the singer in the heyday of his youth, enough for several women’s lives. Divorce, betrayal of loved ones, foster children and courts with them – once an extravagant singer tired of it and she went to live in Estonia. Sometimes she gave speeches, but it was rather private evenings for her. But a couple of years ago, the singer increasingly began to notice at secular events in her native St. Petersburg, and it soon became clear that the singer returned permanently to the northern capital. She settled here after her mother’s death. And the cultural life in St. Petersburg for Ponarovskaya is of greater interest.

“She goes to the theater, especially likes the Mariinsky, the ballet has always been to her liking,” said composer Yuri Erikona, a friend of the artist in an interview with StarChite. “She also loves to walk around the ancient estates.” At home, Ira also does not sit idly by – she is in charge of the apartment. By the way, still enjoys modeling clothes. Just recently she gave me a suit that she sewed herself. I speak in it on stage! “

It should be noted that the singer also changed beyond recognition. The new image and style made a furor among fans.

“We made Irina Vitalievna coloring,” said Maria, the stylist. – To emphasize the porcelain skin and blue eyes, gave the hair a pink-beige hue. The whole procedure cost her about 20 thousand rubles. She looks gorgeous. Still will give odds to many young girls. It’s right that he does not regret money! “

It should be noted that Ponarovskaya is still trying to keep herself in shape.

– If people think that I was starving to lose weight, then they are mistaken. I became healthier, – Irina Ponarovskaya once already told Komsomolka about her enthusiasm for diets. “The hospital was my lifetime testimony. Because of the kidneys. Twice doctors rescued me from death. Twice my heart stopped. In 25 years – from a painful shock. I was walking stones. The last time was in 1993. During the operation. I survived thanks to the golden hands of surgeons and the right mindset – for recovery. I never wanted to be treated with drugs. You can ruin the liver! One thing to treat is another to maim.

"Pink hair, makeup in the nude style": Irina Ponarovskaya returned to Russia and completely changed her image

Apparently, even now the 65-year-old Irina Ponarovskaya is recovering with the help of curative fasting (this method of treatment is possible only under the supervision of doctors.) – Ed.).

– Once upon a time, Ira was a plump girl, and this, as it happens, settled in her memory, so she wants to be slim, – explained “KP” girlfriend singer actress Iya Ninidze. – Ira has always kept herself in shape and in all she tried to wear out – and in diets, and in friendship, and in love.

"Pink hair, makeup in the nude style": Irina Ponarovskaya returned to Russia and completely changed her image


Personal life of Irina Ponarovskaya: the singer lives in three countries and starves for months

Ponarovskaya’s friends are sure that one of the reasons for her disappearance from the screens is a new love.

– Lucky for the man who is right next to her, she is a very kind person, “singer Aziza says of her colleague.

Irina Vitalievna’s friends note that, despite the apparent seclusion, Ponarovskaya does not sit idle. (details)

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