Philip Kirkorov publicly obmateril Ivan Urgant

In the night from Friday to Saturday Philip Kirkorov became a guest of the show “Evening Urgant”. On the air of the popular broadcast, the pop king presented the long-awaited clip for the new hit “Color of Mood Blue.” The actor intrigued the fans by releasing something grandiose, and he kept his word. Philip Bedrosovich managed to really surprise his numerous fans.

“It will be very interesting and creative! Itself from itself did not expect such turn in this history under the name “Color of mood blue”, – the actor wrote before a premiere of a roller in social networks.

In the video created by the forces of Ivan Urgant and his team, headed by Alexander Gudkov, Kirkorov demonstrates knowledge of the current fashion trends. The singer, who has tried on a black wig, becomes a copy of the scandalous rapper Face and heads the gang style. According to the plot, the hero of the star behaves like a real bully who likes to have fun and shamelessly sends ill-wishers far away.

Ivan Urgant and his colleagues managed to put together Nikolai Baskov, Yana Rudkovskaya and her son Sasha, Grigory Leps, Olga Buzov, the blogger Amiran Sardarov, Timati and the rapper Glory of the CPSU, who was with Kirkorov in the show “Success” in one video. Many of them appeared in bright and memorable images. So, Olga Buzova became an unfriendly saleswoman in a supermarket, adoring the leopard. When a girl sees Philip buying alcohol, she asks for his documents. Showing the passport, the character Kirkorov with obvious contempt throws a pile of money to pay for drinks for the upcoming grandiose party.

In the end of the bright music video there is the ghost of Alla Pugacheva. However, then it immediately turns out that everything is passing on the screen – the fetus of Ivan Urgant’s fantasy. And Kirkorov does not like his brilliant and innovative ideas for the future of the video. The pop king expresses his protest using obscene language.

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