Olga Orlov was again convicted of provocative attire

Olga Orlov was again convicted of provocative attire

And a month has not passed since the previous scandal on the Web, as Olga Orlova is again accused of undue stressing her own sexuality. This time the singer did not even have to undress to “deserve” criticism of the fans.

In recent months, the star often shares with the fans intelligent thoughts, sometimes their own, more often – quotes from the classics. This time, to illustrate their own conclusions, Orlova published a photo in a rather closed dress with a neckline. But the public did not like that through the dense fabric the outlines of the nipples leading were visible. Someone even suggested that Olga wears a special bra with artificial imitation of the nipples for the greatest sexuality of the image.

What started here! Orlov was accused both of debauchery, and of godlessness, and almost of the wrong “natural complexion.”

“I understand, spring is working,” Orlova replied to the subscribers. “But it’s just a dash on the dress, if you know what it is.”

Apparently, now after a series of candid photos Olga has a new, not the most virtuous image. Hayters now and then blame the singer in too frank attire and poses, inadmissible in their opinion for a woman who exchanged the fifth decade. Many attribute this to the fact that the reality show “Dom-2”, which Orlov has been leading for a year, negatively affects the singer and her reputation.

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