Non-native speech: Characters of foreign cinema with the names of Russian writers

Professor Mayakovsky in the series “Sorcerers”

CinemaSearch remembered foreign films, in which characters with the names of famous Russian writers appeared.

1. Karamzin

Film: “Stupid Wives” (1921, USA)

Genre: drama

“Stupid wives”

Character: Serge Karamzin is a white emigrant, posing as a count, adventurer and swindler, a coward and a libertine. The meaning of the life of the author of the “History of the Russian State” is reduced to various ways of extracting money, from selling fake banknotes to casino games. Among other unsightly acts shooting pigeons and peeping in the mirror behind the disguised woman.

2. Pushkin

Film: “Sparks from the eyes” (1987, Great Britain)

Genre: bond

“Sparks from the eyes”

Character: General Leonid Pushkin is the head of the KGB, who replaced on this post another namesake of the Russian classic, General Gogol. Alas, against the background of his predecessor, he looks like a spineless loser, ready to surrender without a fight. On the other hand, what else to expect from a character who resignedly accepts the help of a former enemy, agent 007, and allows him to stage his own murder. Bond saves Pushkin from the intrigues of the real villain of the film – a Soviet defector who wants to unleash a new war between the West and the East.

3. Zhukovsky

Films: “Golden Eye” (1995, Great Britain, USA), “And the whole world is not enough” (1999, Great Britain, USA)

Genre: bond

“And the whole world is not enough”

Character: Valentin Dmitrievich Zhukovsky – the namesake of the poet-founder of Russian Romanticism and a former KGB officer who, after the collapse of the USSR, built an oil business. Has long-standing scores with the 007 agent. That left him lame during a collision while performing the next task. “I think that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship,” Bond could say at that moment, considering that Zhukovsky later sees in the English spy not so much the former enemy as the friend-rival and sacrifices himself to save his life.

4. Lermontov

Film: “Red shoes” (1948, Great Britain)

Genre: musical melodrama

“Red shoes”

Character: Boris Lermontov is an arrogant but extremely talented theater impresario, a tyrant and despot possessed by art. The namesake of the author of “The Hero of Our Time” is the hero of his era. He is extremely jealous of the dancers of his troupe, denies them the right to privacy and constantly forces them to choose between the stage and everything else, which as a result leads to the death of his prima. “This person does not have a heart,” the dancers say. Often wears sunglasses, even in the absence of light.

5. Gogol

Film: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), The Moon Racer (1979), For Your Eyes Only (1981), The Octopus (1983), The Kind for Murder (1985), Sparks from the Eyes “(1987)

Genre: bond

“Only for your eyes”

Character: General Anatoly Alekseevich Gogol is the head of the KGB, a typical functionary of the Brezhnev era, who does not always play the role of enemy agent 007 and even sometimes helps him, supporting the idea of ​​detente during the Cold War era. This bald old man prefers to surround himself with beautiful women among the regular workers of the special services, whom he takes in the Kremlin bedroom, and strong bodyguards with the face of Dolph Lundgren. Alas, the career of this politician by modern standards ended rather ingloriously: a couple of years after the beginning of perestroika, when Gogol awarded Bond the Order of Lenin, he was sent to honorable resignation, transferred to “responsible work” in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, and replaced by General Pushkin.

6. Fet

TV series: “Strain” (2014 – present time, USA)

Genre: horrors


Character: Vasily Fet is a rat fighter and connoisseur of the dungeons of New York of Ukrainian origin. Like his namesake, late romantic poet Afanasii Fet, this character (which the director Guillermo del Toro originally came up with for actor Ron Pearlman) is an idealist and at the same time “a strong business executive.” He equally well knows how to charm women and kill vampires.

7. Tolstoy

TV series: “Bananas in Pajamas” (1992-2001, 2010-2011, Australia)

Genre: children’s animation

«Banana in pajamas»

Character: Tolstoy is a tortoise-courier who lives next door to two anthropomorphic bananas named B1 and B2 (they really wear pajamas and serve as beach lifeguards), Amy, Lulu and Morgan (local foresters) bears and Rat in a hat (store employee). Because of the external resemblance to another tortoise, Tomasina, the bananas are sure that Tolstoy has magical power, because they think that they see him in two places at the same time.

8. Chekhov

Movies and TV shows: “Star Trek” (1966-1969, USA), “Star Trek” (2009, USA) and others

Genre: science fiction

“Star Trek”

Character: Pavel Andreevich Chekhov, who was born in Russia in 2245, made an enviable career abroad. In 2267, he graduated from the Star Academy, then served on the Enterprise ship as part of an international team. At the time of his first appearance in the series “Star Trek”, this character was more like the soloist of The Monkees than his sad name, but his remarks sound no worse: “I found out what, captain!”

9. Block

Film: “Europe” (2013, the USA)

Genre: science fiction


Character: Andrei Blok is a Russian scientist who is sent as part of an international group to the most ambitious (and private) space expedition of all time – a flight to the fourth satellite of Jupiter, Europe. Chief Engineer of the spaceship Blok retains the sobriety of the mind even in dangerous critical situations, which is a vivid example of self-control and self-sacrificing professionalism. Alas, the rest of the team does not always trust him.

10. Mayakovsky

TV series: “Wizards” (2015 – present, USA)

Genre: fantasy

Non-native speech: Characters of foreign cinema with the names of Russian writers“Wizards”

Character: Professor Mayakovsky is a teacher at the University of Breakbeats, the only school of magic in North America, located in the state of New York. True, the most colorful teacher of this university lives and works not in the US, but in the branch of Breakbeats, which is located in South Antarctica. Without restless use of alcohol to keep warm, Mayakovsky does not lose hope of making decent wizards from first-year whiners. Often and loudly yells at the students.

11. Yesenin

TV series: “The Police of New York” (1993-2005)

Genre: detective, procedural drama

Alex Vidov

Character: Sergei Yesenin is a petty criminal, a recidivist from New York who likes to wear a black leather jacket and long hair. Armed, but not very dangerous. At the sight of the police, it immediately hides in the gateway.

12. Mandelstam

TV series: “Hotel Caesar” (1998 – present time, Norway)

Genre: soap opera

Per Tofte

Character: Joseph Mandelstam is a Norwegian Jew, whose family in 1943 after the occupation of the country by the Germans and the confiscation of property was sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. After the end of World War II and liberation, he moved to Israel, but after decades returned to his homeland, Oslo, to raise the conversation about restitution and the return of confiscated family property worth 100 million NOK. Has a grandson named David Mandelstam.

13. Bulgakov

Film: “The price of fear” (2002, USA)

Genre: thriller

“The price of fear”

Character: According to the scenario of the training alarm developed for the plan of action in the event of a nuclear war between the US and Russia, General Bulgakov is a usurper who came to power in Russia as a result of a military coup. “The same scoundrel who proposed to deliver a nuclear strike on Chechnya,” the US president explains. Fictional American analysts took this name not from the ceiling. Such a general really exists in the environment of the Russian president and is distinguished by a militant fervor, to which the generals Gogol and Pushkin would envy. “The fate of the country should not depend on the words of the enemy”, “Our inaction provokes the Americans to new blows” – all the phrases that sound from his lips could brighten the air of any political show on modern Russian television.

14. Bitter

TV series: “Taxi” (1978-1983, USA)

Genre: strait

“Taxi” / Photo: Getty Images

Character: It’s hard to say which confession belongs to the Reverend Gorky – the priest, who crowns the two main characters of the series (Latka and Simka), but judging by the honeymoon suits, it’s about something Balkan or East European. The Reverend probably does not speak English, so he holds a wedding ceremony with the help of an interpreter and specializes in tricky questions, the correct answers to which are the condition of the wedding. For example: “What is the greatest gift from one person to another? That’s right: 5100 dollars. “

15. Bunin

TV series: “The Police of New York” (1993-2005)

Genre: detective, procedural drama

Juliana Donald

Character: Cynthia Bunin is the niece of the police sergeant of New York, who brightens up the harsh everyday life of the protagonist of the series, already a middle-aged detective Andy Sipovitz. Likes short hairstyles.

16. Marshak

Film: “Serious Man” (2009, USA)

Genre: black comedy

“Serious man”

Character: Marshak is a great and terrible old rabbi who has already retired and does not accept visitors, because he is always busy – he thinks. When this master of a long pause still utters something, it turns out that he speaks in verse, in particular quotes from the song of the band Jefferson Airplane – the pioneers of psychedelic rock, a cult band of the hippy era.

17. Barto

Film: “The Unborn” (2009, USA)

Genre: horrors


Character: Barto is a child-prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camp, in which Dr. Mengele conducted his monstrous experiments on him. Gibnet in the course of another experiment (this time by changing the color of the eyes), but two days later he resurrects, acting as a guide to our world of evil spirit – the dibbuk. Looking at this character, it is difficult not to recall the poem of the Soviet children’s poetess Agniya Barto: “We look at the boy – / He is some unsociable! / He frowns, kuksitsya / As if he had drunk the vinegar. “

18. Pasternak

TV series: “Two and a half people” (2003-2015, USA)

Genre: strait

“Two and a half people”

Character: Dolores Pasternak is a junior high school teacher who likes to make observations both for children and adults. “I’m a teacher only from 8:15 to 15:00, then I’m the same person as everyone else,” she says. But her friend Charlie Harper in the performance of Charlie Sheen does not agree with this: “Miss Pasternak – it sounds sexy.”

19. Brodsky

Film: “Clockwork Orange” (1971, Great Britain, USA)

Genre: drama, dystopia

“Clockwork Orange”

Character: Dr. Brodsky is a mysterious expert who experiments in people to suppress the craving for violence, evoking in them disgust by demonstrating violence scenes on the screen. “It’s all for your own good,” he likes to say to his subjects. “The Governor will be pleased.”

20. Yevtushenko

Film: “Train of Horrors” (1972, Great Britain, Spain)

Genre: horrors

Non-native speech: Characters of foreign cinema with the names of Russian writers

“Train of Horrors”

Character: Evtushenko is a Russian engineer, a passenger of the Trans-Siberian Express, who is transporting from China to London a box with a strange humanoid being frozen into the ice. A student of Tsiolkovsky, a dreamer whose thoughts are occupied with the idea of ​​flying into space, ironically dies at the hands of a fantastic creature from another galaxy and is eventually buried at the bottom of the abyss, where the Moscow government sends a train with live dead men.

21. Shukshin

TV series: “Another cosmos” (2015)

Genre: strait

Non-native speech: Characters of foreign cinema with the names of Russian writers“Another cosmos”

Character: Tina Shukshin is a young and inexperienced astronaut from 2105, who performs an ordinary research mission as part of a spaceship crew consisting of the same infantile youths. He likes trying on tainted decorations and crying in his cabin, reviewing the video made for her birthday.

22. Solzhenitsyn

TV series: “Apocalypse op-la!” (1982, Great Britain)

Genre: comedy

Alexey Sale

Character: Alex Solzhenitsyn is a cruel commissioner who tortures English tourists in the dungeons of the KGB, suspecting them of CIA spies. Awarded for his service order, which is worn on the lapel of his jacket.

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