Night of French cinema in the “Good Republic”

Night of French cinema in the "Good Republic"

Muted lights, narrow streets, coffee in cozy cafes. For immersion in the atmosphere of the most romantic country will answer the night of French cinema 1st of May at "Good Republic".

The show will be opened with the freshest of the evening’s pictures, funny and instructive "1 + 1". Rich aristocrat Philip paralyzed after he crashed on a paraglider. And as assistant, he chooses, apparently, the most unsuitable candidate – an immigrant from Senegal, who was recently released from prison. Rough, tactless, but sincere and real, he was able to bring to the measured life of the rich chaos and adventure.

The next scheduled romantic comedy "Amelie". This is a story about how a girl who knows how to enjoy small, begins to give happiness to others, returning them "hidden treasures" from past.

Will complete the movie night melodrama "Fall in love with me, if you dare". The film tells about the strange relationship between a girl and a young man who, from childhood, play in "weakly – not weak". And this same game is the main proof of their love.

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Photo: still from the film "Amelie"

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